Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday for the Mama

Last weekend we headed to Wisconsin for my birthday. I used to always go Labor Day weekend and it was tradition we went to the Elkhorn Fair. Being married, some of those traditions changed. Emily mentioned a few months ago that we hadn't done the fair for my birthday in a long time. She was right. My mom came to Peoria so we could avoid boarding fees for Ivy and she worked on staining the kids rocking chairs.

We left Friday afternoon after snack and the kids slept in the car the whole way to arrive just in time for dinner at my aunt Robyn's. Pork sandwich from the pig roast and fresh sweet corn - yum!

My first birthday present of the weekend? A mini cherry pie from the Lake Geneva Pie Company where Robyn works. I had trouble getting the kids to settle down for sleep that night. By the time they were quiet, I snuck upstairs in the dark to have a little piece by myself.

Present #2 - homemade birthday cards from Jordyn and Robyn the next morning when I got up. Jordyn spent the night and woke up early to work on her card project.

#3 - We did a live feed phone chat with Peyton and Morgan after breakfast. They were kind enough to sing me a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday all by themselves. I thought the song started to seem more lengthy than usual. That's when I realized it was caught in an endless loop..."Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you (giggle), happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you (giggle)." Emily finally had to cut them off for fear her battery would wear down!

#4 - We swung by WalMart on the way to the fair to get some cash back for spending money. Shannon came out with a 6 pack of Snickers - my favorite!

#5 & 6 - I was going to the fair with the intent of buying a chocolate eclair. They are THE best around. But then I came to the cinnamon roll stand before the eclair booth. You don't count calories on your birthday, right?

#7 - A happy birthday text message from my brother. Didn't see that one coming!

#8 - After dinner, Emily, Jay, Jordyn, Peyton, and Morgan came back over. I didn't really have time to process that as I was trying to get pajamas ready for bedtime. Then I turn around and Robyn is coming upstairs with a cake that she had hidden downstairs. It was also from the Pie Company. You've never had birthday cake until you've had one of John's!

#9 - On Monday I went to work for a little while and Shannon surprised me by having my bird feeder hung. Exactly what I asked for - thanks! He got a neat hook that suspends it from our new deck and has another arm that I can hang my hummingbird feeder on it, as well.

#10 - A birthday card from my mom with some mad money to spend on tile for my kitchen backsplash. I was thinking that would be a very nice addition to the kitchen.

#11 - A birthday card from Shannon's parents with some mad money to put toward some winter boots that don't have a hole in them. And a new canister set for flour, sugar, etc that Shannon almost forget he had hidden in the garage!

What a nice birthday for this mama that's getting a little older. I just thought we were going to the fair. It was nice to have some other little unexpected surprises sprinkled in!

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