Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random play time

I realized I hadn't taken pictures or video of the kids in a while so today is update day. This video is a couple minutes of the kids just randomly playing, with a few things to note. At the beginning, you will hear Adam make vroom vroom noises--he heard a car drive by outside and it's all about mimicking lately! Another item to note is that Adam has really picked up speed on his walking ability. He has times that he is almost up to a slow run, and he is rolling his feet better heel to toe. Miss Sara has come a long way in her mobility, as well. It's not just a few steps and plop down any more. She's got good distance but she is working on speed and how far apart her legs can be to give her a stable platform! They love music and dance whenever they hear something with a good beat. Adam demonstrates his white man squat. Maybe in a later video I can capture the head bob he does with it sometimes. Sara mostly just bounces but she is good at keeping the beat. They love to play together and are always on the go. I'll be worried soon--Sara is going to be my climber and she is almost able to make it up onto the couch.

I also retired some toys (the jumperoo and the exersaucer) as well as introduced some new ones - a work bench and some rocking horses I bought at the PMOT sale. All are a huge hit. Apparently neither of them can walk without something in both hands. For Adam lately, his favorites are the yellow hammer in one hand and the purple wrench in the other. We are still learning what he can and can't bang on.

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