Monday, August 16, 2010

Adam pulls ahead in the tooth tally

This whole teething experience has been quite interesting. There is not a whole lot typical or expected in the process, or even between the kids themselves.

Adam got his first 2 bottom teeth on Christmas day 2009.

It took a few months after that before Sara's first 2 bottom teeth broke through.

Then Adam got his top 2 front ones.

Sara waited and waited...and 4 of her top teeth came in at once!

Adam followed behind with the other top 2 so we stayed tied in the count for a short bit.

Sara's other bottom 2 have been for quite a while now, pushing her ahead with a total of 8 and Adam 6. A little over a week ago Adam finally got another one on the bottom and a few days ago the other side on the bottom poked through. So we were tied at 8 again.

Since Sara's bottom ones had been in for so long, I was expecting she would be next with the molars. Saturday Shannon said he was giving Adam Tylenol because he was fussing and drooling all day. That really didn't make sense to me because that other bottom tooth had broke through so he shouldn't have anything else coming. Yesterday he was really fussy and carrying around his blankies all day. In the afternoon I finally stuck my finger in his mouth (carefully) to see what I could find. Sure enough! He has another one poking through on the top right about halfway back. Seems like an odd position but what else has been normal about this process? We both agree that we haven't experienced any of the horror stories about teeth coming in that we have heard - up in the middle of the night, lots of crying, etc. We just check from time to time and hey, there's another one!

That makes the count:
Adam - 9
Sara - 8

If I were you, I wouldn't put any money on trying to figure out who might be next or which tooth it will be!

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Jenny said...

We have been experiencing the night time crying lately.....yuck!