Friday, July 30, 2010

What's Cookie Monster up to now?

I wrote a previous post about my outrage in noticing that on size 3 Pampers diapers, Cookie Monster is holding an apple instead of a cookie. I mean, he's Cookie Monster for pete's sake. Apparently it's some movement to teach kids that cookies are a sometimes food. Seriously. Like a kid less than 20 pounds is going to bend himself in half to see a cookie on his diaper and that is going to cause obesity or lack of will power toward food later in life. One of these days you are going to find me picketing outside Pampers' headquarters with a sign that reads "Let Cookie Monster eat a cookie!" I can see the newspaper headlines now..."Peoria mom of twins goes postal on Pampers."

Anyway, the outrage continues now that I moved Sara to size 4 diapers. I must say they fit her full-figured hiney quite nicely. Adam and his little white bum remain in the 3s. Typical since some of his shorts are still 6 or 9 months because the 12 months fall at his ankles. Apparently, the next size of diapers takes on a music theme. Cookie Monster is playing the maracas - big yellow ones! And Elmo has a tambourine. Maybe this is going to turn one of my kids into some kind of crazed musician. Or worse yet, a musician wanna-be...a roadie! I would have to say Sara does have good rhythm and I swore that when Glo Worm stopped playing the other night, Sara was still humming the songs. Then again, I am a mom talking about picketing Pampers so maybe I'm just a little off lately and imaging things!

I would have to say that my preference would be that they make the different size diapers some sort of different color. Can I get an "amen" from all the moms out there with multiple kids in varying size of diapers? That teeny little number on the front is hard to find sometimes. And remembering whether the 3s are the food or the music might be a challenge. I guess when I put a 4 on Adam and there is no possible way it's going to get tight enough, I'll know I picked the wrong one. Or I could just label our diaper caddy nicely so I don't have to give visitors the low down. Nah, that's way too anal...or is it? Guess you'll have to visit to find out!

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