Sunday, July 25, 2010

This one's for Grama Sue

Grama Sue is a Cubs fan. Enough said.

You really can't, in my opinion, just decide to wear your Cubs jersey. There has to be an occasion. Those occasions don't seem to occur very often. Kind of like the...well I won't say it. Those of you who like to tease Cubs fans can interject various comments there.

Dan is a Cubs fan. When we were invited to their house for lunch recently, we decided to take advantage of that and break out the outfits. And, of course, pictures to commemorate the event for Grama Sue.

Sara wasn't too happy that Adam was touching the wagon she wanted to be in by herself. A little sympathy for the girl - she was running a fever of 103.

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Jenny said...

Their outfits rock! Owen has many as well:)