Friday, July 30, 2010

PMOT picnic

Last Saturday the Peoria Mothers of Twins (PMOT) group I belong to had a picnic at a local park. I haven't been able to attend too many events so far so I was excited about packing up the kids and heading to the park as a family, dad included. Really they should rename the group to PMOM - Peoria Mothers of Multiples so those moms with higher order multiples can fit in with the name.

Man it was hot and humid that day - upper 90s. I thought we had everything packed...
Sunscreen - check
Water for all of us - check
Stroller - check
Blanket - check
Lawn chairs - check
Dish to pass - check
Sunglasses for all of us - check

Okay, I think we have everything! Let's roll!

Can anyone figure out what we were missing? The camera!

The kids got to play on their first big playground equipment - down a little slide, through a tunnel. We were just hoping that we could keep track of both of them fast enough when we didn't know which way they were going to crawl next. They were too little for the bouncy house but maybe next year. Of course they loved the brownie. And one of our friends from church who is now recording children's music - Julie K - was there to entertain us. The kids really loved her music. Sara started bouncing up and down as soon as she started singing. We'll have to get a CD. Check out her site at

We had a lot of fun and the kids were worn out. Here's a few photos from the PMOT photographer for the day. That's me in my new bright orange shirt (I love orange!) and Shannon in the Colt's hat. I had no idea I had lettering on the back of my shirt! :)

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