Sunday, July 25, 2010

Climbing and blowin kisses

They have decided in the past week that they are going to explore the playground set they got for their birthday. Adam likes to kneel backwards in the swing. Sara prefers to stand backwards in the swing. She has also figured out how to climb up the slide and up the rock wall. If she sees Adam trying to climb up, she will quickly go to the other side, beat him to the platform and sit up there smiling at him, claiming her spot. Unfortunately, then she tries to come back down the rock wall the same way she got up - dangles a leg over and then just stands and tries to walk down it. I tried piling stuff in front of it when I wasn't in the room, but they would just climb over whatever was there or slide it out of the way. After a few spills, we have moved the playground until they are slightly older. I just can't keep them off it when I'm in the kitchen making a meal and would rather they get supervised time instead of getting hurt.

The other night my friend Dawn stopped by. She went to leave and Sara looked at her and blew her the perfect kiss. Totally surprised me! While we had been working on it for a while, she showed no interested in doing it herself until that time. Of course it was a treat for Dawn! Even Adam has been getting in on the fun. Both kids before bedtime will gave Shannon a nice smack on the lips - so cute!

Other milestones lately - Adam has another tooth coming on the bottom. That's #7 for him while Sara holds at 8. And they have been pointing to body parts. The other morning I was nursing Sara and I said to her "sounds like you have something in your nose" and she reached right up and pointed to her nose. Both kids are working on their nose, their hair, and their tummy. I say eye from time to time but because they have a tendency to actually push on their eye and poke it, I'm not crazy about that one right now.

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