Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can I have a tissue?

Shannon was mowing the other night after dinner and I was trying to get the kids ready for bed by myself. Adam was on the changing table not wanting to lay still. Then he grabbed the Tylenol bottle as I was trying to give him some and spilled it all over himself and the changing table while also smearing it on the wall. In the middle of clean up, I hear an odd noise.


I think it had been going on for a while.


What the heck is that? I looked around the room and there was Sara, half hidden behind the rocking chair pulling out kleenex from the box. One by one. The box was already half empty.



She grinned. Whoop...whoop

Sara Mak.

She giggled. Whoop...whoop

By the time I finished with Adam and got to her, all but 2 were gone from the box. Then as I'm trying to pick them up and salvage what I could, she decides she is going to shred as many pieces as she could before I took them away. Oh well, might as well capture the moment at this point.

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