Friday, July 9, 2010

15 month pediatrician visit

The kids visited Dr. Neese last Thursday for a routine check up. Of course my usual frustration with the nurse's questions that are for their actual age. Are they walking? No. Adam could but he doesn't feel like it. Can they climb stairs? I'm trying to keep track of 2 kids on flat ground. Why would I want to let them loose on stairs? Are they saying 12-15 words? No. Well, how many are they saying? 3-4. Oh. One of these times I'm just going to ignore her questions and just say yes to all of them. What's the difference anyway?

Both kids weighed in at 20lb 8oz, that's a 3lb 2oz gain in 12 weeks for Sara and a 3lb 8oz gain for Adam. That puts Sara in the 22nd percentile for other girls her age and the 80th percentile on the preemie chart. For Adam, that is 7% for other boys his age and 75% on the preemie chart. The nurse measured them both at 30" long but you can tell clearly when they stand next to each other that they aren't the same height. So with my aunt's help, we laid them on her kitchen counter and used the yard stick and dry erase marker method to say Sara is 29.5" and Adam is 30". That growth of 1.5" for both kids in 12 weeks and puts them in the 75-80th percentile on the preemie chart. Way to go, kids!

Dr. Neese showed me a graph of Adam's length measurements since birth. A line 45 degrees straight up and to the right! Where's the curve or leveling off? He just laughed. They are doing exceptionally well with their measurements to be in the 10-30% range with other kids their age. Usually they consider them caught up by age 2, but it appears they may reach that mark early.

I asked about Adam's brain bleed and whether that would show up on an MRI later in life if he would ever need one. Dr. Neese didn't think so. He has had other preemie graduates with an IVH get an MRI for headaches and no scarring showed up.

I also asked about a spot I found on Adam's tongue recently. It almost looked like a cancor sore on the middle of his tongue. Dr. Neese nodded like he knew exactly what I was talking about. It's called "geographic tongue". It is a spot on the tongue where the taste buds have changed and can flare up with stress. For Adam, teething would be a stressor at this point in his life. Only 3% of the population have it and there is no known cause.. It can change spots on the tongue. Nothing to be concerned about but some foods may irritate it.

We also talked extensively about Adam's sleep habits. The week before we visited the doctor we were really struggling with his overnight sleeping again. He would fall asleep and wake up about 1 hour after going to bed. Then we couldn't get him back to sleep until 11:30 or 12 at night. It seemed to be a clingy thing. Dr. Neese feels it could be night terrors, which start at this age, and actually occur about 1 hr 15 min after going to sleep, when they are in their deepest sleep. If it continues, we can go in when he has been sleeping a little less than an hour and stir him just a little to bring him out of that really deep sleep.

No concerns with Sara. She is crawling and pulling herself up and cruising along so much more than just a few months ago so huge strides in that department. A little picky with eating but getting better and she just picks what she wants off her plate. And boy is she talking and making noises - video to come later!

Upcoming doctor visits:
July 22 - Adam sees the eye doctor to check his astigmatism and whether he will need glasses.
July 27 - The physical therapist comes to the house for an assessment.
August 3 - Adam's next appointment at Easter Seals to monitor his development.

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