Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strawberry shortcake

A few weeks ago I made the kids strawberry shortcake with the yummy strawberries from Roth Family Farms. They split a shortcake, got lots of strawberries, and even a little dollip of Cool Whip on top. I thought they would dig right into the bowls and just devour it. But as you can see from the video at the end, it didn't happen that way at all. They just looked at the bowls in excitement to start and then looked at me. Adam finally dug in and chowed down. Sara sat there for an hour, yes an hour. I believe my baby girl understands how to savor something.

Here is the beginning of our journey - 4:32pm

At 4:48pm, Adam was done and could have licked his tray clean. Sara looks like she has barely touched hers!

At 4:58pm, I decided it wasn't fair to make Adam sit in his chair just waiting and watching his sister. He was all clean and ready to get down and play. I moved the contents of the bowl onto the tray thinking that would help Sara speed up the process. She was just happy and content to enjoy slowly eating it one. piece. at. a. time.

5:27pm. Nearly an hour. Sara has eaten all she wants.

The video was really long so I had to split it in 2 segments. I just couldn't shorten it to a minute. It's funny because you almost have to watch it twice - once through focusing on Adam and then just on Sara, they are so different. For those of you who have extra time, enjoy.

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