Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sara's first word

Sara has been spending a lot of time making all different noises, moving her mouth around, and mostly as loud as she can! She has been absolutely infatuated with the dog lately - Ivy, or puppy. Every time she sees the dog she about jumps out of your arms if you are holding her. Her eyes light up, her arms start waving, and she screams. If the dog is panting when Sara is around, Sara starts panting. If the dog is licking, Sara starts mimicking her and flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth.

Last week she said her first word...other than mama or dada. I brought her out of the nursery and she pointed at the dog and yelled "UP!" Thankfully she was pointing to let us know what that meant or we would have thought that word was 'pick me up.' It's now a combination of either "up" or "pup". If she hears Ivy's collar jingle when she is in the laundry room, Sara just repeats "pup pup pup".

Video of Sara imitating the dog...watch her tongue!

Ivy is on the other side of the glass doors. You have to listen close but this is the best I could capture of Sara saying "pup".

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