Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our first swim!

My aunt Robyn came down for another visit last week and brought Peyton and Morgan with her. Both the kids loved seeing the girls. Adam caught them by surprise the first morning and grabbed them for a big hug! Boy did we get a lot done from Tuesday night to Friday lunch! Swimming, lots of outdoor play time with sidewalk chalk, bikes, and bubbles, a trip to the zoo, and Washington Cherry Festival. The kids got to try some new food - Adam ate everything we put in front of him, Sara usually either looked at it or licked it and moved on. We even managed to sneak in making extra food for me to put in the freezer - chicken pot pies, BBQ, spaghetti pie, cheesy potatoes, and 5 bean casserole.

Wednesday afternoon the weather cooperated enough for us to have a swim date - thanks Amy! She even took some great shots on her new camera phone. Makayla and Cora enjoyed playing with Peyton and Morgan. Sometimes they could tell the twins apart (P&M, not Adam and Sara!), a daunting task especially when they are wearing the same suit!

Here we are all dressed and ready to give it a try.

Initial reaction? Not a pleasant experience! The cold water didn't help.

Adam agrees.

They calmed down. I don't think Adam ever got really comfortable. He hung on to a little toy I gave him and just seemed to tolerate it.

Sara, on the other hand...

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