Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little boy

How did this happen?

It seems like I blinked and when I turned around, someone snatched away my baby and replaced him with a little boy.

We were just playing around before bedtime the other night. For some reason the kids love to flop on pillows lately. So he was flopping and then decided to try to take his diaper off by himself. Such a help during changing time - mom you pull this off and then pull the clean one up like this. I don't mind unless there's something inside that I really don't need help with and then I wish he was in a straight jacket!

Look at how long he looks in this picture. Long. That's funny. Babies are long. I need to start saying tall. Toddlers are tall. The only constant is change, right? And that full belly. Reminds me of days in the NICU when he would get a distended belly and they would have to stop his feedings and wheel out the x-ray machine to see if there was a blockage. Now it's just a post-meal sign of a good eater!

Quite the good looking little boy if I do say so myself.

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