Friday, June 11, 2010

Cherry Festival

We made a brief appearance at the Washington Cherry Festival last Thursday night after dinner. Sara seemed to like the shades we borrowed for a few minutes, until Adam decided he needed a pair.

Peyton and Morgan had a good time on a couple rides, as well as a roller coaster. I think I heard little screams coming from that one!

The little petting zoo had some cuties - baby pot belly piggies...awh!

By the time we were ready for dessert, Sara was totally asleep. You have to be no nap, dead tired to konk out at a screaming loud carnival. Adam knew to nap a little in the afternoon so he could stay awake for the possibility of sharing mom and dad's funnel cake. He also had a bite of vanilla and strawberry ice cream. I think he preferred the strawberry but both made his legs kick up and down in excitement. Must be why he woke up at 8:00 the next two nights when he heard dad scooping....mmmmm mint cookie crunch. He does a little dance for that one! Momma's favorite, too.

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