Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another first - the zoo!

Another outing on the list while aunt Robyn was here was our first trip to the zoo. Here is a picture of all the little munchkins that enjoyed the day.

Peyton, Sara, Adam, and Morgan. I actually asked Peyton if it bothered her that sometimes people called her the wrong name. Simply enough, she replied, "No I just say I'm Peyton." So cute. 4 years old and I can only tell them apart if they are standing next to each other or I remember which outfit they are wearing. Of course their mom can tell them apart in a picture when they are wearing exactly the same thing...and facing away from the camera. Serious mom talent there!

Hot day for the big kitty.

My little monkeys hanging out in front of the monkeys! Everyone practicing their leg stretches.

The new Africa section was really neat. Lots of cool landscaping and a neat wood bridge that surrounded where the animals were. Sara had been roaring like a lion a few days before our zoo visit. We tried to get her to talk to the big guy but maybe she was shy being face to face!

The girls saw this cute little house and wanted to go inside to play. Unfortunately, it was roped off and we told them they had to stand in front of it. It would make a fun little playhouse for them.

Hanging with the giraffes. Some day we will visit and Sara will realize it's the same as the stuffed animal that sings her to sleep every night.

Lots of fun at the zoo and it's a nice size for the kids. Adam was so tired he laid right down in his crib when we got home and fell asleep. Sara was decided she was too tired to nap!

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