Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All fenced in

With the kids being on the move more, we have had to take measures to keep them "contained."

It makes it sound like we are fencing in wild animals...but that is what it's like sometimes! We thought we were doing pretty well keeping them in the living room. We can close our bedroom door, the nursery room door, and the bathroom door. Then we have sliding french doors that separate the living room from the dining/kitchen/stairs. That worked great.

For a while.

Then Adam figured out how to get his little finger in the crack of the sliding door at the very bottom. Sara would see him working on it and crawl over and just wait. Once he got it slid aside, it was like watching a herd of cows break down a gate!

It was fine for a while until we got tired of Adam tipping over the dog's water because we didn't get there in time. And then he moved on to eating the cat food. Digging through my Tupperware drawer isn't bad until you have to rewash all of them because they have Ivy hair on them from her shedding.

So we found these nice little latches to keep the doors closed. Drat!

"Sara, come on, I found another way out..."

And down the hallway they came.

It takes us a long time to research our baby options carefully and we put the baby gate purchase off too long. So while it was shipping, we decided to be creative.

Option A - FAILED! The table was too easy to push, even though it seemed quite heavy. I mean, it is a solid wood door. Table legs attached to make it a convenient coffee table.

Option B - FAILED! Maybe just a little weight will help. No such luck. I think they are like little ants - small, but unbelievably strong for their size, able to lift much more than you think they would be capable of!

Option C - FAILED! It slides too easy so maybe it needs some drawer liners to help it stick to the floor. Not child proof.

Option D - Worked for a while. Needed more stuff. In case you can't tell, that's a pack n play, a 24 pack of Diet Pepsi, and a large container of cat litter.

Option E - Ultimate success! Extra tall. Non-climable (we think). Self-closing door that swings both ways. Have you ever seen 2 kids so happy to be contained? Believe me, there are moments that the novelty wore off and they just want out. Mostly when they are hungry and trying to get to me fixing dinner.

What really cracks me up is when Sara is behind the gate pulling on it and roaring like a lion. That's her new noise. Still unable to capture it on video. Apparently she doesn't perform on command. Even funnier is when she roars too long, and ends up coughing because her throat gets a tickle in it.

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