Thursday, May 13, 2010

What did the next night bring?

Last night I went to bed early...just in case. I think I was asleep by 8.

Adam woke at midnight with a completely stuffy nose. He wasn't as cranky as he had been and not wide awake. We took more Ibuprofen, had a drink of water, and he was content to be rocked. He fell asleep within 20 minutes but of course woke up when I laid him in his crib.

Off we went to rock again.

1:30am and the dishwasher started the timed middle of the night cycle. Oh, no. I was so nervous that it would jolt him awake and I would start all over again. Thankfully, he didn't move a muscle.

I finally decided I wanted to risk getting him into bed so I could get more sleep. I need to be over this stupid cold! I moved very slowly and was able to lift him up and over the crib rail and place him on the mattress without disturbing him. That seems to be my challenge, being only 5'2"! I thought I would wake him on my way out of the nursery with my silent screams of excitement.

5:00am and Sara decides to wake up. It was almost time for Shannon's alarm to go off so I asked if he could give her more medicine and try to get her back to sleep. She slept until a little after 6 and decided she was hungry. I nursed her but she didn't want to go back to sleep. So we had some solo snuggle time and had breakfast together. It's always strange when I feed them and only have one high chair in front of me. I think they find it odd, too. A little after 8 I thought I would wake the sleeping bear so his day didn't get too far off.

Down for morning naps so far, the sweet sound of Adam snoring coming through the baby monitor. I'm off to fold a whole boat load of laundry. We'll see what tonight brings...

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Praying for Peace!