Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three in a row

Sunday night. Monday night. Tuesday night.

Three nights in a row they have slept all the way through the night. *sigh*

When we got home from Lake Geneva Sunday I decided I had to do something different with Adam. I couldn't keep holding him until he fell asleep, only to wake up as soon as he hit his crib mattress. Useless rocking that only made him try to flip over and grab the end table next to the chair. I analyzed the situation. I'm pretty good at analyzing considering how much I have been doing it my whole life. I don't think it's related to his cold - he didn't have the cold when all this craziness started. I know he is teething but it just doesn't make sense to me that was related. It just seemed like a phase. He didn't want to be alone. It's cute when it's the middle of the day and he crawls across the room and into my lap for a random hug. Not as cute at 2 in the morning when he is clinging to my shirt for dear life.

So I decided to just sit in his room and see if he would calm himself down and fall asleep on his own. 90 minutes I sat in there. Part of the time they were playing peek with each other and cracking each other up. It was hard to lay on the floor and stay quiet myself! 9:30 and he finally fell asleep. Monday night it only took until 9:15. Tuesday, both asleep at 7:30.

Sleep, wonderful sleep.

We're on a roll...let's keep going!

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