Monday, May 10, 2010

Quite the Mother's Day

Sometimes I still pause and am amazed that I am the mom of twins. So many people stop when we are out and make comments like 'I don't know how you do it.' Honestly, I often wonder what it would be like to have just one! This is all I have ever known. Being a mom is the most important, exhausting, and rewarding thing I've done in my 36 1/2 years on this planet.

We certainly had a strange few days leading up to my second Mother's Day. Tuesday night last week Adam started his evening wrestling matches with us. I would have to say I am really blessed by how good my kids are. 90% of the time, they nap easy. And most nights I lay them in their crib after nursing them and they drift right to sleep for the next 12 hours. But Tuesday a switch flipped in Adam. He slept for 90 minutes and then decided that was enough. I was exhausted and had planned on going to bed early right about the time he woke up. After trying everything for over an hour, I called Shannon desperately wondering when he was coming home from his meeting. They stayed up together until 11.
Wednesday Adam didn't bother going to sleep and just stayed up until 11. Maybe he needs to be rocked. Maybe I need to wear him out playing. Maybe he's hungry. Thirsty. Sing to him. I can't lay him in his crib and let him work it out because he starts screaming and Sara has been asleep for a long time. Shannon tried all of his tricks and I went to bed, only to get up with Adam for an hour in the middle of the night.

Thursday we improved - 9:00. But to add to that, I started getting a cold.
Friday. Friday was my interesting day. Routine until dinner time. Sara woke up from her nap her usual self. At dinner, she didn't seem real interested. We thought she was just being picky. I tried so many options and finally gave up, thinking she must not be hungry. I took her out of her high chair and put her on the floor. She just sat there. I noticed she had goose bumps and was shaking. I picked her up to snuggle and Shannon took her temperature - 100.8. She usually runs about 98. The longer I held her, the more she shivered. I thought if I kangaroo'd her she would warm up faster. Skin to skin and 2 blankets finally helped. She was moaning, squinting her eyes, pursing her lips, and refusing to suck her thumb. Shannon had left to buy generic Tylenol - with the recall the shelves were empty the day before. Thankfully, my friend Dawn was here to watch Adam and throw him in the bathtub. I didn't know having that tub water would be helpful until 10 minutes later. Sara wasn't interested in taking the Tylenol - in fact, she threw up all over me. Three times. Hasn't this happened before? I'm sure it won't be the last time. I went into mom mode getting things cleaned up. Leave it to Shannon to point out the obvious - 'you need to shower, you stink.' With vomit all over me, my gag reflex hadn't already told me that news! Oh, and Adam - 9:00 again.

Saturday her fever continued all day. But she still slept well, was interested in eating, and kept hydrated. My cold was worse so that put more burden on Shannon.
Sara woke up feeling herself again Sunday morning. I felt a little better. The kids decided not to nap in the morning. So after lunch we ventured to Menards, thinking if we wore Adam out he would go to sleep early that night! It was the last day of a patio furniture sale and we wanted to look at options for our deck. I showed Shannon the set I had found a few months back when my aunt was visiting. We both liked it and used some gift money we had set aside for over a year. Yay, that was a nice Mother's Day gift! And Shannon had printed a few pictures for me to put in some empty frames. It's nice to have something recent to look at.

Adam fell asleep in the car on the 2.5 mile ride home and didn't wake up when Shannon got him out of his car seat! But again that night, I literally fought him to hold him still and calm him down at 9:00. He was exhausted and just wouldn't give up. And I wanted the cycle to end! Tonight...finally.

Mother's Day. My second one as a mom. My first with the kids home from the hospital. It's been quite a journey over the past year. Can you believe this was a year ago? Our first photo with both the kids together.

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