Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PB & J every day

Sara is getting pickier. Things she used to eat she refuses. She has to look at what she is eating first before she will even attempt to put it in her mouth. Dawn babysat yesterday morning while I went to work and the only way she could get her to eat her breakfast was to walk away and ignore her. Sara would then snatch up bites as fast as her brother and shove them in her mouth like she really was starving. But as soon as Dawn would notice or say something, back in the mouth the thumb would go. Such attitude! It got her to finish her breakfast but apparently that method only either works for one meal or someone other than parents.

We have discovered, though, that she LOVES peanut butter and jelly. Up to now they had just been getting peanut butter sandwiches, which were fabulous. But the other night I added jelly. They both took a bite and their eyes got wider - 'something else yummy is on this sandwich!'

Adam gobbles up everything in site. As for Miss Sara Mak, we'll keep trying.

Can you put some more of that in here...?

Notice the jelly up to her elbows!

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