Wednesday, May 19, 2010 nap

Our weekend trip to Robyn's started some odd napping habits. Last week the kids weren't sleeping just at night, well mostly Adam. Over the weekend they decided to change up their nap schedule, as well. Saturday morning they didn't want to nap so we put them in the stroller and had a nice walk through her Lake Geneva subdivision. Neither of us thought they would fall asleep--just calm down and enjoy the nice morning. But we were wrong. Not only did they fall asleep but they napped outside in their stroller for 2 1/2 hours!

Saturday afternoon they didn't nap and I wasn't too bothered by that. We were heading to the cousins clogging recital and they would nap in the car on the way there and back before bedtime.

Roll forward to Sunday. While Sara was doing this...

Adam was doing this...

Same holds true this week. A few times they have both taken naps at the same time. Other times one is asleep and the other gets individual play time with mom. I'm just trying to stay flexible and roll with the punches.

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