Sunday, May 9, 2010

First play set

Last weekend we retired the swing. We used it for many many hours when the kids were younger. But lately it has been Adam's fort to crawl around, as well as something to pull himself up on and practice his balance.

With some space free in the living room, it was time to show the kids what was inside that huge box they got from aunt Robyn for their birthday.
They really enjoyed helping Shannon put it together, or at least I think they were helping! Adam is a little cautious - Sara loves the slide, the faster the better! Of course Adam climbed my lap and clung to me when the electric screwdriver was running. They surprise me sometimes.

No major accidents yet. Well, I'm sure there are a few bruises on Adam's head. When he crawls under the swing, he smacks it with his head and keeps crawling. This pushes the swing forward, and konks him on the head again on the back swing. I noticed lately he has started ducking...even if he is crawling next to it and not under it! It's nice to see him learning.

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