Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adam's biggest fan

This video cracks me up. It's a good example of why I've been calling Sara 'Ethel'. She is so deliberate in her crawling, much different than Adam. I think she needs a little walker with tennis balls on the legs. But I'd have to say she is actually crawling a lot fast than a few weeks ago. And to look back that 2 months ago, she didn't even want to be on her tummy and was showing no signs of being interested in crawling...well, where she is today is pretty amazing progress. She is even pulling herself to standing already and cruising along the furniture. Cruising, of course, only used for the general term of the accomplishment, not the actual speed in which it is performed! She's not very strong or steady but I'd have to say she is more daring than Adam. That doesn't pair well with not liking to fall, though.

Anyway, notice, that once Adam cruises by, she just stops and claps for him as if she is saying 'that is fantastic crawling technique, brother. Way to go!' As far as Adam, can he not see me?

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