Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We got a new box!

Our new patio furniture set came in. As far as the kids are concerned, our new box came in! It was a beautiful evening outside to play before bedtime.

Sara did her usual emptying. Whether it's a laundry basket of dirty clothes, a dresser drawer of clean clothes, a toy basket...or a box of packing material.

We didn't realize it would be such a good containment system for Adam. Definitely not friends with the grass yet!

Here's the prize for the adults of the family...


I love this picture I took the other night of the kids, all ready for bed, spotting Shannon out on the deck.

Adam's biggest fan

This video cracks me up. It's a good example of why I've been calling Sara 'Ethel'. She is so deliberate in her crawling, much different than Adam. I think she needs a little walker with tennis balls on the legs. But I'd have to say she is actually crawling a lot fast than a few weeks ago. And to look back that 2 months ago, she didn't even want to be on her tummy and was showing no signs of being interested in crawling...well, where she is today is pretty amazing progress. She is even pulling herself to standing already and cruising along the furniture. Cruising, of course, only used for the general term of the accomplishment, not the actual speed in which it is performed! She's not very strong or steady but I'd have to say she is more daring than Adam. That doesn't pair well with not liking to fall, though.

Anyway, notice, that once Adam cruises by, she just stops and claps for him as if she is saying 'that is fantastic crawling technique, brother. Way to go!' As far as Adam, can he not see me?

Ridin' my bike

Adam just amazes me lately. He takes this little bike and walks it all over the living room, around in circles, over toys or whatever else may be in his way...The other day he climbed on and started riding it across the living room like it was no big deal. When he was done, he stood up, balanced on one leg, and swung the other leg over the seat to dismount. Where did he learn that?

He seems so close to walking but just doesn't want to dare to do it. The other day he was standing in the dining room while pulling toys out of his CAT truck. Not hanging onto anything. Just standing, bending over to pull toys out with both hands, then standing back up. For about a minute. Until he realized he wasn't hanging onto anything!

PB & J every day

Sara is getting pickier. Things she used to eat she refuses. She has to look at what she is eating first before she will even attempt to put it in her mouth. Dawn babysat yesterday morning while I went to work and the only way she could get her to eat her breakfast was to walk away and ignore her. Sara would then snatch up bites as fast as her brother and shove them in her mouth like she really was starving. But as soon as Dawn would notice or say something, back in the mouth the thumb would go. Such attitude! It got her to finish her breakfast but apparently that method only either works for one meal or someone other than parents.

We have discovered, though, that she LOVES peanut butter and jelly. Up to now they had just been getting peanut butter sandwiches, which were fabulous. But the other night I added jelly. They both took a bite and their eyes got wider - 'something else yummy is on this sandwich!'

Adam gobbles up everything in site. As for Miss Sara Mak, we'll keep trying.

Can you put some more of that in here...?

Notice the jelly up to her elbows!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Homecoming Baby Girl

May 15, 2009 was one of the best days and the hardest days. I was overjoyed to be bringing my baby girl home from the NICU after a 44 day journey but torn in half that Adam had to stay behind.

At this time a year ago, I was pumping every 3 hours while Shannon would feed Sara a bottle. Wake, diaper change, bottle, sleep. 3 hours later--wake, diaper change, bottle, sleep. We traded off visits to the hospital to see Adam. Add to that her apnea monitor going off at all times of the day, mostly because she was sleeping too sound.

I can't believe how little my 3lb 11oz peanut was when we brought her home in her car bed. Still 6 weeks off from her due date, it was both odd and exciting to see her laying in her crib.

What an amazing year it has been watching you grow and develop your personality, baby girl! I love you more than you can imagine. You are truly a little rock star...and well worth the wait!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three in a row

Sunday night. Monday night. Tuesday night.

Three nights in a row they have slept all the way through the night. *sigh*

When we got home from Lake Geneva Sunday I decided I had to do something different with Adam. I couldn't keep holding him until he fell asleep, only to wake up as soon as he hit his crib mattress. Useless rocking that only made him try to flip over and grab the end table next to the chair. I analyzed the situation. I'm pretty good at analyzing considering how much I have been doing it my whole life. I don't think it's related to his cold - he didn't have the cold when all this craziness started. I know he is teething but it just doesn't make sense to me that was related. It just seemed like a phase. He didn't want to be alone. It's cute when it's the middle of the day and he crawls across the room and into my lap for a random hug. Not as cute at 2 in the morning when he is clinging to my shirt for dear life.

So I decided to just sit in his room and see if he would calm himself down and fall asleep on his own. 90 minutes I sat in there. Part of the time they were playing peek with each other and cracking each other up. It was hard to lay on the floor and stay quiet myself! 9:30 and he finally fell asleep. Monday night it only took until 9:15. Tuesday, both asleep at 7:30.

Sleep, wonderful sleep.

We're on a roll...let's keep going!

Nap...no nap

Our weekend trip to Robyn's started some odd napping habits. Last week the kids weren't sleeping just at night, well mostly Adam. Over the weekend they decided to change up their nap schedule, as well. Saturday morning they didn't want to nap so we put them in the stroller and had a nice walk through her Lake Geneva subdivision. Neither of us thought they would fall asleep--just calm down and enjoy the nice morning. But we were wrong. Not only did they fall asleep but they napped outside in their stroller for 2 1/2 hours!

Saturday afternoon they didn't nap and I wasn't too bothered by that. We were heading to the cousins clogging recital and they would nap in the car on the way there and back before bedtime.

Roll forward to Sunday. While Sara was doing this...

Adam was doing this...

Same holds true this week. A few times they have both taken naps at the same time. Other times one is asleep and the other gets individual play time with mom. I'm just trying to stay flexible and roll with the punches.

Walk this way

Adam has been getting more daring with trying to walk. He cruises along the side of the couch pretty easily. And we've seen him let go and balance for a period of time - looks like he's surfing on dry land! He finds all kinds of objects to use as a walker...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What did the next night bring?

Last night I went to bed early...just in case. I think I was asleep by 8.

Adam woke at midnight with a completely stuffy nose. He wasn't as cranky as he had been and not wide awake. We took more Ibuprofen, had a drink of water, and he was content to be rocked. He fell asleep within 20 minutes but of course woke up when I laid him in his crib.

Off we went to rock again.

1:30am and the dishwasher started the timed middle of the night cycle. Oh, no. I was so nervous that it would jolt him awake and I would start all over again. Thankfully, he didn't move a muscle.

I finally decided I wanted to risk getting him into bed so I could get more sleep. I need to be over this stupid cold! I moved very slowly and was able to lift him up and over the crib rail and place him on the mattress without disturbing him. That seems to be my challenge, being only 5'2"! I thought I would wake him on my way out of the nursery with my silent screams of excitement.

5:00am and Sara decides to wake up. It was almost time for Shannon's alarm to go off so I asked if he could give her more medicine and try to get her back to sleep. She slept until a little after 6 and decided she was hungry. I nursed her but she didn't want to go back to sleep. So we had some solo snuggle time and had breakfast together. It's always strange when I feed them and only have one high chair in front of me. I think they find it odd, too. A little after 8 I thought I would wake the sleeping bear so his day didn't get too far off.

Down for morning naps so far, the sweet sound of Adam snoring coming through the baby monitor. I'm off to fold a whole boat load of laundry. We'll see what tonight brings...

What a night

Wednesday, May 12, 2010...5:15am "What in the world did we do to deserve a night like this?"

That was my comment to Shannon while laying in bed. Notice I didn't say 'a night like that' as in past tense, the night was over and now we were getting up for the day. No, it was present tense, as in the night was just ending and we were finally getting to sleep.

Let me rewind.

Adam has been struggling with his sleep since last Tuesday. This Tuesday/Wednesday really topped the cake.

The evening started with my excitement that he went to sleep with only a little coaxing and at a decent time. But just as I was ready to head off to bed, the fun began.

10:00pm -- Adam wakes. I rocked him for 30 minutes with no success. Still sick with my cold, I was wiped out and running on fumes so I passed him off to Shannon and went to bed.

12:00am -- Shannon comes in the bedroom for his pillow, hoping maybe he and Adam can sleep on the couch together. I get up to take a turn and Shannon heads for bed.

12:51am -- Finally sound asleep. Wakes when I lay him in his crib, stands, and starts screaming. this happens 2 more times. We tried laying on the couch. He finally calmed down enough to let me rock him in the living room recliner. He's just wide awake, throwing his blankie toy, kicking his legs, doesn't want to sit still, and certainly doesn't want to be held.

1:30am -- Sara wakes up crying. Shannon's on deck.

1:40am -- We trade babies and I take Adam in the nursery to see if he just needs to fuss it out. I sat next to his crib trying to coax him to lay down. He would lay there for 30 seconds while I rubbed his back, then stand back up.

2:00am -- I'm not getting anywhere but impatient, which is making Adam more mad. We trade babies again.

2:15am -- Shannon puts Adam in the car and to see if he will fall asleep. He's snoring within a mile of the house. I get Sara back in bed.

2:30am -- Sara's crying again, more snuggle time, before agreeing to be back in her crib.

2:45am -- Shannon arrives home with Adam and leaves him sleeping in his car seat next to his side of the bed.

3:00am -- Sara wakes crying. We move to the recliner in the living room.

4:00am -- Adam wakes. Shannon feeds him a snack while I rock Sara.

5:00am -- Shannon gets Adam to stay asleep in his crib.

5:15am -- I lay Sara in her crib and she doesn't make a peep, either.

That was THE hardest night I have had in a long time.

The pediatrician snuck us in yesterday and was certain she would find ear infections. No such luck. They are teething and getting my cold but no throat or ear infection. That is good on the one hand, but on the other it means they have this spring virus that is going around, which can cause headaches, muscles cramps, and joint pain. Nothing we can do but wait it. She did recommend giving them children's Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol as it is more helpful with pain like that sometimes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sara says no

Here is Sara's latest trick. I'm not sure where she picked this up...

And in other news today, it appears that she has 4 teeth coming in on the top!

Quite the Mother's Day

Sometimes I still pause and am amazed that I am the mom of twins. So many people stop when we are out and make comments like 'I don't know how you do it.' Honestly, I often wonder what it would be like to have just one! This is all I have ever known. Being a mom is the most important, exhausting, and rewarding thing I've done in my 36 1/2 years on this planet.

We certainly had a strange few days leading up to my second Mother's Day. Tuesday night last week Adam started his evening wrestling matches with us. I would have to say I am really blessed by how good my kids are. 90% of the time, they nap easy. And most nights I lay them in their crib after nursing them and they drift right to sleep for the next 12 hours. But Tuesday a switch flipped in Adam. He slept for 90 minutes and then decided that was enough. I was exhausted and had planned on going to bed early right about the time he woke up. After trying everything for over an hour, I called Shannon desperately wondering when he was coming home from his meeting. They stayed up together until 11.
Wednesday Adam didn't bother going to sleep and just stayed up until 11. Maybe he needs to be rocked. Maybe I need to wear him out playing. Maybe he's hungry. Thirsty. Sing to him. I can't lay him in his crib and let him work it out because he starts screaming and Sara has been asleep for a long time. Shannon tried all of his tricks and I went to bed, only to get up with Adam for an hour in the middle of the night.

Thursday we improved - 9:00. But to add to that, I started getting a cold.
Friday. Friday was my interesting day. Routine until dinner time. Sara woke up from her nap her usual self. At dinner, she didn't seem real interested. We thought she was just being picky. I tried so many options and finally gave up, thinking she must not be hungry. I took her out of her high chair and put her on the floor. She just sat there. I noticed she had goose bumps and was shaking. I picked her up to snuggle and Shannon took her temperature - 100.8. She usually runs about 98. The longer I held her, the more she shivered. I thought if I kangaroo'd her she would warm up faster. Skin to skin and 2 blankets finally helped. She was moaning, squinting her eyes, pursing her lips, and refusing to suck her thumb. Shannon had left to buy generic Tylenol - with the recall the shelves were empty the day before. Thankfully, my friend Dawn was here to watch Adam and throw him in the bathtub. I didn't know having that tub water would be helpful until 10 minutes later. Sara wasn't interested in taking the Tylenol - in fact, she threw up all over me. Three times. Hasn't this happened before? I'm sure it won't be the last time. I went into mom mode getting things cleaned up. Leave it to Shannon to point out the obvious - 'you need to shower, you stink.' With vomit all over me, my gag reflex hadn't already told me that news! Oh, and Adam - 9:00 again.

Saturday her fever continued all day. But she still slept well, was interested in eating, and kept hydrated. My cold was worse so that put more burden on Shannon.
Sara woke up feeling herself again Sunday morning. I felt a little better. The kids decided not to nap in the morning. So after lunch we ventured to Menards, thinking if we wore Adam out he would go to sleep early that night! It was the last day of a patio furniture sale and we wanted to look at options for our deck. I showed Shannon the set I had found a few months back when my aunt was visiting. We both liked it and used some gift money we had set aside for over a year. Yay, that was a nice Mother's Day gift! And Shannon had printed a few pictures for me to put in some empty frames. It's nice to have something recent to look at.

Adam fell asleep in the car on the 2.5 mile ride home and didn't wake up when Shannon got him out of his car seat! But again that night, I literally fought him to hold him still and calm him down at 9:00. He was exhausted and just wouldn't give up. And I wanted the cycle to end! Tonight...finally.

Mother's Day. My second one as a mom. My first with the kids home from the hospital. It's been quite a journey over the past year. Can you believe this was a year ago? Our first photo with both the kids together.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First play set

Last weekend we retired the swing. We used it for many many hours when the kids were younger. But lately it has been Adam's fort to crawl around, as well as something to pull himself up on and practice his balance.

With some space free in the living room, it was time to show the kids what was inside that huge box they got from aunt Robyn for their birthday.
They really enjoyed helping Shannon put it together, or at least I think they were helping! Adam is a little cautious - Sara loves the slide, the faster the better! Of course Adam climbed my lap and clung to me when the electric screwdriver was running. They surprise me sometimes.

No major accidents yet. Well, I'm sure there are a few bruises on Adam's head. When he crawls under the swing, he smacks it with his head and keeps crawling. This pushes the swing forward, and konks him on the head again on the back swing. I noticed lately he has started ducking...even if he is crawling next to it and not under it! It's nice to see him learning.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's a movin'

You've come a long way in 6 weeks, baby girl! From no movement at all, to inches, to crawling from the living room to the dining room today. She's slow moving but she's determined! There have certainly been times that she has expressed her displeasure with us challenging her so much, but she can't stay a lumpling forever!

Shot day

We headed for shots yesterday. Thankfully, the health department holds a clinic at a location in town once a month instead of having to travel 30 minutes to the actual health department. Now that we have an alternate option for health insurance, we look for ways to save money on medical costs. You can't beat $8 per shot.

The experience went pretty well. A friend, Pam, agreed to meet me there to provide extra hands. Very helpful since it took me 15 minutes to fill out paperwork and talk to the nurse checking us in. But we got there early to beat the crowd. The kids did great with Pam, especially since they haven't seen her much. Adam kept stroking her long hair, stretching his arm out as far as he could until he had reached the end of her locks. I don't know what it is about him and long hair. Maybe because mine is short. Sure, he pulls mine so hard I think he has a fistful in his hand but someone else with long hair he nicely strokes it!

Anyway, the kids got 2 shots. They cried, but it wasn't too traumatic. We went outside, had a little snack and a drink of juice. The nurse told me to remove the band aids at the first diaper change to avoid irritating their skin. Yeah, right. Adam had that ripped off and in his mouth by the time he was waiting for me to buckle Sara in her car seat!

We will go back in September for a couple more. The pediatrician suggested we space out their 12 month shots to avoid getting so many at once and I agreed.

Microscopic tooth

You can't feel it yet and it looks teeny tiny but Sara has another tooth revealing itself on the top. They usually come in pairs but it is so small and so slow to come in that it's hard to tell if there is a partner. That gives her 3, possibly 4.

Adam must be working on more teeth, as well. He is drooling like crazy. The other day after nap time he was standing in his crib. When I got in there, the whole front of his shirt was wet, there was spit running down the crib, and a wet spot on the carpet!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pantsless naps

This seems like de ja vu. Didn't I blog earlier about Adam not wearing pants? I'm starting to see a pattern!

Saturday, April 24 - 12:59pm
Pants are kicked off and tossed over the side of the crib onto the floor.

Tuesday, April 27 - 3:15pm
Pants are kicked off and laying in bed by his head.

Shannon says he is so comfortable in our house with the new geothermal system that he just doesn't need pants. I say sometimes he's such a boy!

Hide and seek

And so the fun begins! Of course I wasn't the one hiding. Can you figure out where Adam is?

As I was nursing Sara in the morning, Adam crawled under her crib, which doesn't have a drawer under it or a crib skirt. He found his way out, bumping his head several times, and then headed under his crib.