Thursday, April 22, 2010

You want me to eat what?

The past few days the kids have been getting more selective on what they will eat. I have been giving them more table food to try. Of course they love pancakes, waffles, breakfast sausage, peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, grapes, omelettes, cinammon bread, strawberries, grapes, and kiwi. Chicken pot pie was okay - kind of hard to chew. Meatloaf wasn't too bad. Watermelon they didn't really get excited about the first time around.

Yesterday I made a pot roast in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots. And then I threw some corn bread in the oven. I figured at least they would eat the carrots because they would be nice and soft, maybe Sara would eat the potatoes but Adam hasn't liked them in the past, and they could try the corn bread. Well, the carrots turned out a little too hard. As I stood there putting salt and pepper on the meat in the morning, I told myself not to forget to put water in the bottom so the veggies could get soft...and then walked away. I realized at noon that I had forgotten and put some in then. Apparently those extra few hours make a big difference for the carrots. They were good for us to eat, but a little hard for the kids.

Dinner came and I made my own plate, and then theirs with cut up carrots, hunks of potatoes, and a bowl of strawberries. Adam liked the potatoes. Sara just looked at them on her tray and then looked at me. Adam liked the carrots, or at least some of them. Sara just looked at them on her tray and then looked at me. Seriously? Sara, you like carrots. I put one on her mouth. I have never seen her tongue stick out so far and get so flat and wide. She made this little slide for the food to exit her mouth quickly and then showed great hand coordination in scraping the rest of the chunks from her mouth. I tried so hard not to laugh but couldn't help myself. It was just hilarious. She had learned this technique from Adam the day before. I picked up a carrot myself off her tray and ate it, saying yum and shaking my head yes. She just looked at me and didn't buy it. Potatoes - you like potatoes. Nope. Okay, how about trying a bite of cornbread. I took the whole piece and held it up to her mouth to take a bite, thinking it breaks off so easily. She glared at me. After coaxing her, she opened her mouth and got a little flavor. Sold! Her eyes lit up, her hands starting shaking in excitement...and then she took both hands and grabbed my entire piece of cornbread and crumbled it together to try to shove the whole piece in her mouth. Crumbs were dropping everywhere as I said 'no, that's my piece!' That upset her. I had to apologize and soothe her and say 'it's okay, you can have it.'

So it begins. What's theirs is theirs. What's mine is theirs.

I don't know how that girl can tell among the mess on her tray which piece of food is a carrot vs. potato vs. strawberry vs. corn bread but she could. Among the pile she picked out exactly what she wanted - the corn bread and the strawberries. Here I was trying so hard to get them to eat well. In the end, I need to realize they are still little human beings and some days they will feel like eating carrots and some days they won't. And that's okay.

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