Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twin Sale

Not twins for sale. Twin sale. As in massively huge garage sale organized by PMOT (Peoria Mothers of Twins). I am a member of this group, as well as my cousin Emily. One of the advantages is their semi-annual sale. This spring was my third sale that I attended a few weeks ago. On Friday night it is open to PMOT members only. I bought some 18 month clothes for the kids, which they will probably move into late summer, early fall. After birthday but before Christmas to it seemed smart to pick up a few of those things. Spring jackets and summer hats were a bargain. I also was looking for some unique things.

A big CAT truck for Adam with duplo blocks - $7.

Adam's first workbench - $11.

A wood play table for the kids to share - $15. See what I mean? Awesome bargains!

Emily decided to sell a boat load of stuff about 3 weeks before the sale. And I mean a boat load. I was beginning to think it would take a boat to get it all down here. She went through about 1500 price tags. While battling strep throat, she tagged and hung and her fingers bled! A triple stroller, a single stroller, 2 umbrella strollers, 2 large car seats, 17 rubbermaid containers of clothes, and a few other boxes and bags of clothes. Thankfully, my previous employer had a truck passing right through Emily's area 2 days before the sale and could bring a load. Then Emily crammed the rest in her Lincoln Navigator and headed our way.

Check out the pictures of the first load transferred to our truck for transport.

Of course everyone setting up thought the kids were adorable. It was certainly a long day with almost no naps in the morning from Adam's physical therapy appointment and the same in the afternoon because of the excitement of helping Emily set up for the sale. The spent time in their stroller, Adam got out and crawled, pushed Sara while she sat in the stroller, they both played in a rubbermaid container, and then got back in their strollers. Poor Shannon was none too pleased with their exhaustion when he had to put them to bed that night. And it certainly didn't help that he tried to give them a bottle for the first time since November. How did that go? Disastrous. They choked down 1/2 an ounce, cried for an hour, and finally fell asleep.

As far as the sale results...I got the informal report this week that Emily was the top seller. We knew after Friday night that she had sold all but one of her "big" items and grossed over $400. Saturday it was open to the public and I guess this was the largest turnout they have ever had with over 1,000 people. Once consolidating things, it seemed as though she made out pretty well. How well? Let's just say her check will have a comma in it!

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