Monday, April 26, 2010

Transition to milk

Saturday before last I started the process to begin transitioning the kids off breastfeeding and to whole milk. The plan is to stop nursing one meal at a time rather than cut them off cold turkey. We finally found some sippy cups that work for them. And I gave them small amounts of whole milk a couple times the few days before. They had no problem with the taste and gulped it right down. Awesome!

I had gone into work on Saturday morning and the kids woke a little early from their nap so Shannon went ahead and fed them lunch. That was probably good with me not even being home. They had no issues at all!

A couple times last week Adam even turned me down for a dinner nursing. But then he saw Sara got a turn so he changed his mind.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well so I napped in the evening while Shannon fed them dinner. Another good opportunity to step down another meal.

Now I am just nursing them for breakfast and bedtime. Those times seem to be the two most important. After sleeping 12 hours overnight, they are quite hungry in the morning. I know breakfast will be the next meal we step down, but I'm not sure the timing right now.

I'm so grateful the process has gone this smooth. I think it's harder on me than it is on them. Not emotionally at this point, more physically. I haven't been paying as close attention to drinking enough water and getting enough to eat. The process has sent me on some blood sugar roller coaster rides. I tried to have the attitude of taking better care of myself while I was pregnant. That carried into the past year because I felt nursing the kids was the most important thing I could offer them. I need to adjust and continue taking care of me.

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Anonymous said...

I nursed Belle until she was two. I knew she was my last and she only weighed 20 pounds, so it was easy to fit her on my lap. It is all about you and your timing. It just ties us down to them the longer we nurse, but if you are ok with that, then everyone else will be also. :) I worked my way down to one nursing in the evenings before bed and then quit cold turkey when I had to start taking some meds that I couldn't nurse with. Believe me, it hurt me more than it did her! You are doing great! Pam