Friday, April 23, 2010

Shiny new stroller

Our new stroller came yesterday! I tried to get them both to wave but apparently they don't do things on demand for no purpose, especially when the camera is on. Turn the camera off and put it down and Sara will wave like a mad woman!

Shannon and I spent an hour in the afternoon checking out all the features, folding it and unfolding it, putting down the rain shield, taking the wheels on and off, and figuring out the best way to load it in the car. That way I don't have to stand in the WalMart parking lot looking like an idiot who doesn't know how to use her stroller!

Side note: yes, this is advertised as a jogging stroller. However, I don't jog. Therefore, it's just a stroller.

We went for a short jaunt to the end of the cul de sac last night. Wished it was longer but it was bath night, too. I could see little white socks bobbing up and down so I think they enjoyed the ride and sitting next to each other.

I know, another red item to add to our collection. Now we have a red car, a red motorcycle, Adam's car seat is red, and a red stroller. We didn't pick it because it was red. It had great features and my cousin has one that is very similar. Plus I found it for an awesome price online. Now I can send a thank you to the couple of birthday gift folks who helped contribute to the purchase!


Twincerely,Olga said...

I love it!!! your twins are so stinkin' CuTE!!!!I remember when i got my double stroller it was like a new toy for Me!!!LOL
Enjoy those precious babies and stop on by!!!

Esther and Brian said...

hi! i just ran across your blog through i read your 12 months appt visit and saw the name dr.neese. well, i know such doctor and thought, gee wonder if they live in peoria?! then i saw the birth post of your little ones and got my confirmation...i, too, have twin, fraternal boys and live in peoria. the boys were born in aug 2008...nice to meet you! you can always reach me, if you wish, at care, esther