Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nutritious Cookie Monster?

Yesterday Adam and I were wrestling during a diaper change and we had a conversation about who would be on his diaper in order to distract him. If I'm goofy enough, I may sneak in a few moments of him laying still.

Is it Big Bird this time? Maybe Elmo? Ernie?

No, it's Cookie Monster! Adam, what cookie do you think is his favorite? Let's see what he's holding...I bet I know what it is!

I checked the waistband of his Size 3 Pampers Cruisers to see what is pictured with Cookie Monster.

You won't believe it - he's holding an apple! There's a banana on the waistband, too. WHAT??!! Are you kidding me? What is this world coming to that Cookie Monster can't hold what is really his favorite thing to eat? Can we not teach kids that while all Cookie Monster eats is cookies, that doesn't mean it's right for them to do the same thing? Or how about moderation? One cookie after a meal from time to time isn't going to bring on childhood obesity.



Jenny said...

I'm going to have to check Owen's when I get home!

Jenny said...

I checked....on his size 2's, cookie monster doesn't even have a cookie-just toys!

OMG Triplets said...

I just looked. Cookie is holding toys on their size 4 diapers. What has this world come to? LOL.