Thursday, April 22, 2010

NEWS FLASH - Sara takes a few steps!

Yesterday morning we were playing on the hard wood floor. That was suggested by the physical therapist to help Sara feel like she can move more. I noticed she was lifting her butt in the air and sliding her knees under her belly.

After lunch I put her on her tummy in the living room so she could get traction on the carpet and set up a big stack of blocks as an incentive for forward movement. Of course, here comes Adam cruising from across the room to knock them down - they are like a beacon calling to him! He just can't help himself.

I coaxed and coaxed and encouraged and said she could do it! Finally she lifted her butt in the air, tucked her knees under, and lurched forward. Yeah, we celebrated. She laid there trying to catch her breath. Come on, you can do it again. She repeated the process, grunting and moaning. You would have thought she was on the last mile of a marathon and had nothing else to give! But there was one knee forward, and another knee forward, and she gave up again to take a break. I lifted her in the air and we spun around to celebrate together. She just grinned and was so proud of herself. It wasn't pretty...but starting usually isn't!

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