Friday, April 23, 2010

Evidence of movement

These are shots of Sara a few days ago when she FINALLY started tucking her knees under her tummy.

Ignore the socks all over the floor. They were in a pile outside their bedroom door to go into the laundry basket while they were napping. Then they woke up and dragged them all over before I got them in the basket. So we turned it into a fun toy for a bit.

And yesterday when she actually looked like she was going to move. In the end, she pushed herself from her tummy to sitting up, which was a first for her. Sorry for the shakiness of the video. She caught me off guard and I rushed to get to the camera. Unfortunately, I was getting Adam out of his high chair at the time so holding him and the camera simultaneously is like a wrestling match I just won't win.

She has made a lot of progress in just two days so I'm hoping by the end of the weekend that maybe it will actually look like crawling. We may have to entice her with a treat! Considering that just a month ago she was showing no signs of even being interested in moving and yelled at us when we tried to put her knees under her tummy, this progress is very exciting.

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