Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adam, wake up!

When we were taking the kids for their 12 month photos, I thought it would be a good idea to take morning naps in their PJs and then get into nice clothes after eating lunch. The only problem is that Adam was so comfy I couldn't get him to wake up from his nap. Sara had woken up and I had nursed her. I was saying Adam's name, rubbing his back, his leg, nothing. It's 10:50 and he still needs to wake up, be nursed, eat lunch, get dressed, and be out of the house by 12:30. I put Sara back in the crib with him to see if she could wake him. And he's usually less cranky being woken up by his sister compared to me!

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Angie said...

JoLynn, I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching videos of your sweet kids! They're cute as can be and I love that they have each other. What fun, what blessings!