Saturday, April 17, 2010

1st birthday party

What's a first birthday without a party?

I really struggled with our decision about a party. In my family, my cousins are almost like brothers and sisters. I have lots of memories of all of us playing at grandma and grandpa's house together...and then hearing Uncle Bob yell from a block away for 'BETH...ANN...DAVID.' That's all he had to say and they would go running. Anyway, tangent.

Since the cousins have spawned little cousins, we have a number of kids who have April birthdays. They asked if we wanted to participate in a joint cousin birthday party with 3 other celebrators. We hopped on board but after a while of thinking about it, I reluctantly changed my mind. The kids started going through a phase of crying in new situations and around people they didn't know. The possibility of a large gathering of people paying attention to them didn't feel like the ideal situation to celebrate their first birthday.

So we switched gears and had a small gathering of relatives and close friends at our house. My mom was here for an extended visit. Shannon's parents came for the day from Iowa. Shannon's sister made an even longer one day trip to see the kids for a few hours. Dan and Sherie...and her mom happened to be in town. Ashley Rae was my paparazzi and thankfully, I didn't have to worry about taking a single photo. Unfortunately, there were a couple family members who couldn't make the trip because they were having fun on spring break in Florida! In the end, I am happy with my decision and that the kids got to have their own small little party.

As for the question everyone asks about a 1st birthday party - how did they do with the cake? I ordered them each their own cupcake, which turned out to be a ginormous cupcake! Sara yelled at me when I didn't put it on her high chair tray fast enough and dug in to the frosting by the fistful. She at 2/3 of it and then sucked on every single finger. I shouldn't have let her eat so much - she woke from her afternoon nap sucking her thumb and moaning from a tummy ache! She's got momma's sweet tooth. Adam, on the other hand, wasn't so sure. He took a small bite and made faces most of the time. He ate a little but mostly squished it in his hands.

Head on over to our Picasa photo site and enjoy the memories of the day.

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