Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nutritious Cookie Monster?

Yesterday Adam and I were wrestling during a diaper change and we had a conversation about who would be on his diaper in order to distract him. If I'm goofy enough, I may sneak in a few moments of him laying still.

Is it Big Bird this time? Maybe Elmo? Ernie?

No, it's Cookie Monster! Adam, what cookie do you think is his favorite? Let's see what he's holding...I bet I know what it is!

I checked the waistband of his Size 3 Pampers Cruisers to see what is pictured with Cookie Monster.

You won't believe it - he's holding an apple! There's a banana on the waistband, too. WHAT??!! Are you kidding me? What is this world coming to that Cookie Monster can't hold what is really his favorite thing to eat? Can we not teach kids that while all Cookie Monster eats is cookies, that doesn't mean it's right for them to do the same thing? Or how about moderation? One cookie after a meal from time to time isn't going to bring on childhood obesity.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Transition to milk

Saturday before last I started the process to begin transitioning the kids off breastfeeding and to whole milk. The plan is to stop nursing one meal at a time rather than cut them off cold turkey. We finally found some sippy cups that work for them. And I gave them small amounts of whole milk a couple times the few days before. They had no problem with the taste and gulped it right down. Awesome!

I had gone into work on Saturday morning and the kids woke a little early from their nap so Shannon went ahead and fed them lunch. That was probably good with me not even being home. They had no issues at all!

A couple times last week Adam even turned me down for a dinner nursing. But then he saw Sara got a turn so he changed his mind.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well so I napped in the evening while Shannon fed them dinner. Another good opportunity to step down another meal.

Now I am just nursing them for breakfast and bedtime. Those times seem to be the two most important. After sleeping 12 hours overnight, they are quite hungry in the morning. I know breakfast will be the next meal we step down, but I'm not sure the timing right now.

I'm so grateful the process has gone this smooth. I think it's harder on me than it is on them. Not emotionally at this point, more physically. I haven't been paying as close attention to drinking enough water and getting enough to eat. The process has sent me on some blood sugar roller coaster rides. I tried to have the attitude of taking better care of myself while I was pregnant. That carried into the past year because I felt nursing the kids was the most important thing I could offer them. I need to adjust and continue taking care of me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shiny new stroller

Our new stroller came yesterday! I tried to get them both to wave but apparently they don't do things on demand for no purpose, especially when the camera is on. Turn the camera off and put it down and Sara will wave like a mad woman!

Shannon and I spent an hour in the afternoon checking out all the features, folding it and unfolding it, putting down the rain shield, taking the wheels on and off, and figuring out the best way to load it in the car. That way I don't have to stand in the WalMart parking lot looking like an idiot who doesn't know how to use her stroller!

Side note: yes, this is advertised as a jogging stroller. However, I don't jog. Therefore, it's just a stroller.

We went for a short jaunt to the end of the cul de sac last night. Wished it was longer but it was bath night, too. I could see little white socks bobbing up and down so I think they enjoyed the ride and sitting next to each other.

I know, another red item to add to our collection. Now we have a red car, a red motorcycle, Adam's car seat is red, and a red stroller. We didn't pick it because it was red. It had great features and my cousin has one that is very similar. Plus I found it for an awesome price online. Now I can send a thank you to the couple of birthday gift folks who helped contribute to the purchase!

Evidence of movement

These are shots of Sara a few days ago when she FINALLY started tucking her knees under her tummy.

Ignore the socks all over the floor. They were in a pile outside their bedroom door to go into the laundry basket while they were napping. Then they woke up and dragged them all over before I got them in the basket. So we turned it into a fun toy for a bit.

And yesterday when she actually looked like she was going to move. In the end, she pushed herself from her tummy to sitting up, which was a first for her. Sorry for the shakiness of the video. She caught me off guard and I rushed to get to the camera. Unfortunately, I was getting Adam out of his high chair at the time so holding him and the camera simultaneously is like a wrestling match I just won't win.

She has made a lot of progress in just two days so I'm hoping by the end of the weekend that maybe it will actually look like crawling. We may have to entice her with a treat! Considering that just a month ago she was showing no signs of even being interested in moving and yelled at us when we tried to put her knees under her tummy, this progress is very exciting.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun at church

We are officially fully out of winter hiding! Last Saturday we went to church as a family for the first time since probably October. And the kids went to Discoveryland, the children's program, for the first time. It's not a program at their age, mostly just hanging out and playing. Shannon and I enjoyed the entire service together and our family number didn't come up that we needed to go tend to the kids. That was very exciting for us. When we picked them up, the ladies said they started getting fussy for the past 10 minutes. Made sense since it was their bed time.

I had a hard time deciding which service we wanted to try. Saturday night ends around bed time. First service Sunday is during morning nap time. Second service Sunday pushes into lunch. I try not to mess with morning nap time as it seems the most crucial for them. And who wants a hungry baby? So we opted to push bedtime just a little later.

For years I saw the joy on the kids' faces that experienced Discoveryland. I longed to have kids of my own that I could see the same joy as they sang about Jesus and learned to love him. I can't believe I am going to see that happen.

#6 for Adam

Tooth count.

I found another one poking through on top for Adam last week.

That makes 4 on top and 2 on bottom for Adam.

Sara is still stalled at just 2 of the teeniest, tiniest teeth on bottom.

Twin kitties

This just cracked me up. My mom bought me this doorstop a few years ago. Walking by the bathroom, I did a double take!

The cat has been imitating that doorstop in more ways than one lately. She is absolutely dead weight when she lays in bed with us at night. I swear when she stretches out between Shannon and I, she goes to sleep and then gains 40 pounds! Both of us roll over, trying to get blankets out from under her. It's ridiculous. She's just a cat. It shouldn't be that hard!

Tractor rides with dad

We still had a mound of dirt in the back yard leading to the house from the installation of our new geothermal heating/cooling system in January. With all the rain we had in the spring, the dirt had settled quite a bit so it was time to smooth things out and get ready for planting grass and mowing season. Shannon rented a tractor - anything to get on a piece of machinery!

We thought it would be fun for the kids to put on their new summer hats and go for a ride with him. Adam may be mischievous but Sara has a little bit of daredevil in her, I think. It's always fun for me to see Shannon have these little moments with the kids.

Shannon and Sara...

Shannon and Adam...

I love this one - a father and his son; a boy and his dad.

NEWS FLASH - Sara takes a few steps!

Yesterday morning we were playing on the hard wood floor. That was suggested by the physical therapist to help Sara feel like she can move more. I noticed she was lifting her butt in the air and sliding her knees under her belly.

After lunch I put her on her tummy in the living room so she could get traction on the carpet and set up a big stack of blocks as an incentive for forward movement. Of course, here comes Adam cruising from across the room to knock them down - they are like a beacon calling to him! He just can't help himself.

I coaxed and coaxed and encouraged and said she could do it! Finally she lifted her butt in the air, tucked her knees under, and lurched forward. Yeah, we celebrated. She laid there trying to catch her breath. Come on, you can do it again. She repeated the process, grunting and moaning. You would have thought she was on the last mile of a marathon and had nothing else to give! But there was one knee forward, and another knee forward, and she gave up again to take a break. I lifted her in the air and we spun around to celebrate together. She just grinned and was so proud of herself. It wasn't pretty...but starting usually isn't!

You want me to eat what?

The past few days the kids have been getting more selective on what they will eat. I have been giving them more table food to try. Of course they love pancakes, waffles, breakfast sausage, peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, grapes, omelettes, cinammon bread, strawberries, grapes, and kiwi. Chicken pot pie was okay - kind of hard to chew. Meatloaf wasn't too bad. Watermelon they didn't really get excited about the first time around.

Yesterday I made a pot roast in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots. And then I threw some corn bread in the oven. I figured at least they would eat the carrots because they would be nice and soft, maybe Sara would eat the potatoes but Adam hasn't liked them in the past, and they could try the corn bread. Well, the carrots turned out a little too hard. As I stood there putting salt and pepper on the meat in the morning, I told myself not to forget to put water in the bottom so the veggies could get soft...and then walked away. I realized at noon that I had forgotten and put some in then. Apparently those extra few hours make a big difference for the carrots. They were good for us to eat, but a little hard for the kids.

Dinner came and I made my own plate, and then theirs with cut up carrots, hunks of potatoes, and a bowl of strawberries. Adam liked the potatoes. Sara just looked at them on her tray and then looked at me. Adam liked the carrots, or at least some of them. Sara just looked at them on her tray and then looked at me. Seriously? Sara, you like carrots. I put one on her mouth. I have never seen her tongue stick out so far and get so flat and wide. She made this little slide for the food to exit her mouth quickly and then showed great hand coordination in scraping the rest of the chunks from her mouth. I tried so hard not to laugh but couldn't help myself. It was just hilarious. She had learned this technique from Adam the day before. I picked up a carrot myself off her tray and ate it, saying yum and shaking my head yes. She just looked at me and didn't buy it. Potatoes - you like potatoes. Nope. Okay, how about trying a bite of cornbread. I took the whole piece and held it up to her mouth to take a bite, thinking it breaks off so easily. She glared at me. After coaxing her, she opened her mouth and got a little flavor. Sold! Her eyes lit up, her hands starting shaking in excitement...and then she took both hands and grabbed my entire piece of cornbread and crumbled it together to try to shove the whole piece in her mouth. Crumbs were dropping everywhere as I said 'no, that's my piece!' That upset her. I had to apologize and soothe her and say 'it's okay, you can have it.'

So it begins. What's theirs is theirs. What's mine is theirs.

I don't know how that girl can tell among the mess on her tray which piece of food is a carrot vs. potato vs. strawberry vs. corn bread but she could. Among the pile she picked out exactly what she wanted - the corn bread and the strawberries. Here I was trying so hard to get them to eat well. In the end, I need to realize they are still little human beings and some days they will feel like eating carrots and some days they won't. And that's okay.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looks like a deck

Shannon's parents visited a few days last week. Huge progress on the deck! The first day they finished the top rail together. The second day Grandpa George worked by himself (Shannon was teaching a class) and got all the spindles on. Thanks for all your hard work! Now we need to build one more set of stairs, handrails for the stairs, and a couple baby gates. Maybe a certain friend down the road can help Shannon finish it up...hint hint!

Can't wait to enjoy having some evening meals out there!

Hop on, Sara!

Another fun thing we did at aunt Robyn's house was hop on cousin Jordyn's tricycle. Adam was actually standing and walking the bike forward. Sara thought it was pretty fun to have a ride on the back.

Big kid bath

We made a trip to Wisconsin last weekend for the Spring Fling joint cousins birthday party. The kids were due for a bath so we threw them in the big bathtub together for the first time. Cousin Jordyn had spent the night so we squeezed her in, too. Adam kept trying to stand and Sara was ready for a nap so that made it harder.

Shannon and I gave it a try at home. It's a little different logistics-wise so it takes some rethinking. We need to buy something non skid for the tub floor. It should be interesting to see if the kids like to be in there together and play. It's all too new right now and they just want to look around and grab at everything.

Just another sign that they are toddlers and not babies!

12 month pediatrician visit

The kids ventured to see Dr. Neese again on Friday the 9th. Sue joined us to help - I'm so thankful I have been able to count on her for doctor visits. We put the next one on the calendar together when we leave. She couldn't believe how much the kids had grown since she had seen them last.

It seems like every visit we have had with the doctor, the nurse asks me all these questions and I always have to answer No. No. No. I mean, they were born 3 months early so what are they thinking asking me questions of whether they are doing things that line up with their actual age? Finally! This time I could answer yes to some things. Can they wave hi or bye? Sara can! Are they crawling? Adam is! Can they pull to stand? Adam can! Saying any words? Sara says dada, Adam says momma. Have they tried table foods? Yes. Whole Milk? No. Eggs? Yes. Chocolate??? No.

Dr. Neese wondered if they had tried chocolate, too. I asked if that was a common food allergy - why is he asking? His response was "Well, chocolate is one of the four main food groups!"

No shots - we'll be scheduling with the health department for that.

He thought they looked fantastic. No worries at all. We see him again in 3 months.

Adam -- 17lb / 28.5"
Sara -- 17lb 6oz / 28"

Adam is in the 1% range compared to other 1 year olds for his weight and 13% for height. Sara was 4% for weight and 18% for height.

I like to take their measurements and compare them to a super-preemie growth chart to check percentiles against other kids that were born as early as they were. Adam is 50% for weight and 80% for height. Sara is 60% for weight and 80% for height. Awesome!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

1st birthday party

What's a first birthday without a party?

I really struggled with our decision about a party. In my family, my cousins are almost like brothers and sisters. I have lots of memories of all of us playing at grandma and grandpa's house together...and then hearing Uncle Bob yell from a block away for 'BETH...ANN...DAVID.' That's all he had to say and they would go running. Anyway, tangent.

Since the cousins have spawned little cousins, we have a number of kids who have April birthdays. They asked if we wanted to participate in a joint cousin birthday party with 3 other celebrators. We hopped on board but after a while of thinking about it, I reluctantly changed my mind. The kids started going through a phase of crying in new situations and around people they didn't know. The possibility of a large gathering of people paying attention to them didn't feel like the ideal situation to celebrate their first birthday.

So we switched gears and had a small gathering of relatives and close friends at our house. My mom was here for an extended visit. Shannon's parents came for the day from Iowa. Shannon's sister made an even longer one day trip to see the kids for a few hours. Dan and Sherie...and her mom happened to be in town. Ashley Rae was my paparazzi and thankfully, I didn't have to worry about taking a single photo. Unfortunately, there were a couple family members who couldn't make the trip because they were having fun on spring break in Florida! In the end, I am happy with my decision and that the kids got to have their own small little party.

As for the question everyone asks about a 1st birthday party - how did they do with the cake? I ordered them each their own cupcake, which turned out to be a ginormous cupcake! Sara yelled at me when I didn't put it on her high chair tray fast enough and dug in to the frosting by the fistful. She at 2/3 of it and then sucked on every single finger. I shouldn't have let her eat so much - she woke from her afternoon nap sucking her thumb and moaning from a tummy ache! She's got momma's sweet tooth. Adam, on the other hand, wasn't so sure. He took a small bite and made faces most of the time. He ate a little but mostly squished it in his hands.

Head on over to our Picasa photo site and enjoy the memories of the day.

Let's go swimmin'

Sara modeling her new swim suit!

First lawn mower ride

Shannon and I both love to mow the lawn. It's a challenge lately finding the time and annoying if our allergies flare up. We always talk about raising our kids to learn all kinds of things and not grouping them by what's appropriate for their gender. Following through with that, both kids got their first mower ride with dad.

Adam wasn't too sure. Shannon rode up a little fast with his sunglasses on, ear phones, and the motor at full throttle. Adam had the look on his face like he was going to cry any second. Shannon was able to calm him enough to tolerate the ride.

Sara, on the other hand, had her legs kicking up and down in excitement the entire time!

Shoulder ride with dad

For some reason the kids love being up high on someone's shoulders. If Shannon and I are feeling adventurous, we each take one and we have baby chicken fights. It's hard to tell who wins because we can't see what's going on up there. Clearly a time that Shannon has an advantage in the situation because he doesn't have any hair. When I hold the kids on my shoulders, they seem to think my hair is the best handle they should hang on to. Inevitably, they dismount with a fistful. Hopefully they are only pulling out the gray ones!

Lip smackin' good

For the longest time Adam would let you know if he liked what you were feeding him by saying Mmmm after every bite. Sara would sit quiet. She's now decided to join the fun and expresses her pleasure by smacking her lips!

Adam, wake up!

When we were taking the kids for their 12 month photos, I thought it would be a good idea to take morning naps in their PJs and then get into nice clothes after eating lunch. The only problem is that Adam was so comfy I couldn't get him to wake up from his nap. Sara had woken up and I had nursed her. I was saying Adam's name, rubbing his back, his leg, nothing. It's 10:50 and he still needs to wake up, be nursed, eat lunch, get dressed, and be out of the house by 12:30. I put Sara back in the crib with him to see if she could wake him. And he's usually less cranky being woken up by his sister compared to me!


Have you ever seen the claymation cartoon characters of Wallace and Grommet?

Grommet is the dog. Wallace is the owner, who seems to always have this big cheesy smile plastered on his face.

A few days before we were to have 1 year birthday pictures taken, Sara started creating new smile poses.

She's never seen Wallace and Grommet before but I think she would fit right in. Thankfully we got some good shots and the big cheesy smile didn't sneak in! Yet...we still have a lot of years ahead of us.

Giving in to change

Well, I finally gave in.

My mom came down for a visit the week before the kids' birthday and we spent an afternoon setting up another crib.

It was hard. For a moment. It tugged at my heart to know that we were at the end of another phase that would never again return.

And I wondered how the kids would do with it. I mean, they had shared living quarters for a year and 6 months! No big deal, momma. Sara sleeps on her back, legs spread out, arms spread out. Adam tucks in a ball on his tummy, his butt in the air, with his puppy blanky. No worries.

And in the end, that's how I felt about it. No worries. No more rushing in the room when Sara started to make noise, wondering if Adam was crawling on her. It allowed him space to move around more and get settled in to sleep if he needed to. And he didn't have to crawl over Sara to stand at the side of the crib and wait for me to come in the room. It's funny that Adam doesn't lay down until Sara is in her crib. If I feed him first, he can be almost asleep and content, but as soon as I lay him down, he is standing at the side of the crib waiting for his sister to get tucked in to her crib next to him. I like that he watches out for her. That's a good big brother.

The other change that I made at about the same time was putting to bed the use of the input/output log sheets. When the kids were in the NICU, they had an I/O log that we would look at every time we visited. The nurses made notes as to how much their feeding was, what their diaper contained, whether they spit up, and any other pertinent bits of information. When we brought the kids home, Shannon and I decided to create a small ring binder with our own log of information. We recorded feedings and diapers, how long they slept, body temperature, medications, apneas or bradycardias that set off the monitor, the list goes on. Once I started nursing the kids it helped me keep track of which side to feed from next so I could alternate. It's not as easy to remember these things on extreme sleep deprivation. It helped Shannon and I communicate with each other as we would trade feedings - a good place to leave notes as the other person slept. As time went on, I recorded new foods they tried to make sure there were no allergies, and other developmental milestones. Once we got into a really good routine I felt like I didn't need it anymore to help me with their schedule. And they were getting old enough that I wasn't concerned about food allergies any more. I still have a hard time remembering which side to nurse each of them from but soon I won't have to worry about that, either. Lots of benefits to our little book and lots of information we tracked.

Now I need to make sure I have somewhere to write down all those firsts that are still to come. I think I will gather all the milestones and make one electronic file for future historical reference. It's funny how when you are in the moment you think you will never forget a memory you are experiencing. And then a month passes. I find myself so grateful for all the pictures and videos we have taken, as well as this blog. Sometimes I think I am just talking to myself and having an online journal. Every now and then I am reminded that for some crazy reason, there are folks who still find joy in following the happenings of all things Mollenhauer.

Say it don't spray it, Sara

Sara is currently the Raspberry Blowing Queen. I must say that if she does most things in life with this much enthusiasm, my girl is gonna go far!

Let me out!

As Adam gets more mobile, we have to be creative with our containment measures. We have plans to buy an indoor/outdoor play yard but our research continues...for now we do the usual closing of doors and following the trail he leaves when he wanders off. For a while we would feed the kids dinner first and then they would play in the living room while we ate. This was our typical night of Adam waiting for us to come play, blowing raspberries on the glass and licking it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Way too busy

Just a quick note that I am finally trying to catch up on all the Mollenhauer news that has been happening in the past month. I uploaded all the pictures tonight except their birthday party, which I will hopefully get to in the morning.

Things around the house have just been crazy for over a month now. Shannon spent the month of March extremely busy teaching for ICC's Professional Development Institute. As for me? I have been working and being a mom and working and working and being a mom. Squeezing in laundry and other household chores when I can. Out of balance and I need to get things a little more under control.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A year, really?

April 2, 2009 will be a day that I will remember in vivid detail for a very long time. I can't believe it's been a year since the kids were born.

Happy Birthday, Adam and Sara!

Mom has been down visiting and while coming home from shopping a few nights ago, we laughed that we were doing exactly the same thing a year ago. Shopping for maternity clothes because I had outgrown everything. So many people commented at how small I was. But you try to gain over 25% of your body weight in 28 weeks and see if you still feel small! On the first of every month of my pregnancy, Shannon would take a picture so we could track my "progress". But on April 1, I told him we would do it the next day. I was tired and for 3 days I had been having Braxton-Hicks, which really turned out to be contractions. I still regret not getting that last photo.

I stood in the shower this morning and could flash back to last year so easily. I was feeling very uncomfortable and the tummy pains were starting already. I pushed through and got myself dressed for work. It was during breakfast time, eating my cereal, that I told Shannon we should start timing the pains because they seemed consistent. After 3 times at exactly 5 minutes, we looked at each other with a big uh-oh.

Thankfully, I don't think I ever felt overwhelmed or in a panic that day. I clearly remember feeling dopy from the magnesium sulfate by the end of the day. That was when Dr. Kindred had decided we couldn't hold things off any longer and 30 minutes later I was looking across the room at a team of people surrounding my 2lb 12oz son. Out loud I said 'he's sooo tiny.' Not much time to concentrate on that because 11 minutes later I saw my 2lb 9oz daughter.

Sara Makenzie - 1 dose of surfactant and 44 days in the NICU. Our little rock star came home at less than 4lbs. We were nursing together before most babies even learn how to suck. Baby girl, I wish people could see the side of you that dad and I get to see. I love the times that we have cracked up laughing together. Your butt dance that started laying down and migrated to your high chair, the bath tub, well pretty much anywhere! You have the brightest blue eyes that are so full of life. You hear me say this every day and will for many more years to come...momma loves you, Sara.

Adam Joseph - we rescued you after 61 days in the NICU. 2 rounds of anemia, issues with a rapid heart rate, multiple tests to find out what tummy issues you were having, and tough news that you had suffered bleeding on your brain that was scored as a grade III. There are barely noticeable remnants and none of it holds you back - you are so busy all the time. Your happiness makes me happy. Momma's little monkey...I love you, my son.

After 5 years of trying, we were finally doubly blessed. My life changed drastically at 9:15pm on April 2, 2009, never to be the same again. We've had some hard days. But overall, I'd have to say I've had it pretty easy. The kids are on a schedule. They nap twice a day for a few hours. They sleep through the night. Teething so far has been a breeze. We have lots of days that there is no crying - from them or me! They are such a gift and I don't take it for granted.

Shannon and I greeted them early this morning - I think Adam was excited and just knew he should get up early.

We had breakfast, played for a bit, took a nap, had lunch...then headed to the NICU to start a family tradition of saying thank you. We picked up some cookies from the Cookie Shack on the way. It was such an awesome surprise to run into Dr. Pica in the hall. She was the kids' resident for their first 28 days in the NICU. We talked every day. And sometimes at 3am. That wasn't so fun. But once May 1 hit, she was off to another assignment. It was great to catch up and for her to see how well the kids were doing. It was a bit of a challenge for the kids to see a group of people. Adam cried a little. Sara just gave her mean stare. I loved reminiscing and saying thank you for helping my kids live. It was funny that one of the nurses remembered me walking the halls at 2am the night before Adam was going home - taking a memory walk and crying! After spending hours a day for weeks at a place, seeing the same people, it impacts you.

Even while I was mowing tonight, I found myself working through the emotions. We are so far from the struggles of last year, but at the same time I want to remember--to be grateful, to celebrate, to choose joy. I feel so very blessed.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twin Sale

Not twins for sale. Twin sale. As in massively huge garage sale organized by PMOT (Peoria Mothers of Twins). I am a member of this group, as well as my cousin Emily. One of the advantages is their semi-annual sale. This spring was my third sale that I attended a few weeks ago. On Friday night it is open to PMOT members only. I bought some 18 month clothes for the kids, which they will probably move into late summer, early fall. After birthday but before Christmas to it seemed smart to pick up a few of those things. Spring jackets and summer hats were a bargain. I also was looking for some unique things.

A big CAT truck for Adam with duplo blocks - $7.

Adam's first workbench - $11.

A wood play table for the kids to share - $15. See what I mean? Awesome bargains!

Emily decided to sell a boat load of stuff about 3 weeks before the sale. And I mean a boat load. I was beginning to think it would take a boat to get it all down here. She went through about 1500 price tags. While battling strep throat, she tagged and hung and her fingers bled! A triple stroller, a single stroller, 2 umbrella strollers, 2 large car seats, 17 rubbermaid containers of clothes, and a few other boxes and bags of clothes. Thankfully, my previous employer had a truck passing right through Emily's area 2 days before the sale and could bring a load. Then Emily crammed the rest in her Lincoln Navigator and headed our way.

Check out the pictures of the first load transferred to our truck for transport.

Of course everyone setting up thought the kids were adorable. It was certainly a long day with almost no naps in the morning from Adam's physical therapy appointment and the same in the afternoon because of the excitement of helping Emily set up for the sale. The spent time in their stroller, Adam got out and crawled, pushed Sara while she sat in the stroller, they both played in a rubbermaid container, and then got back in their strollers. Poor Shannon was none too pleased with their exhaustion when he had to put them to bed that night. And it certainly didn't help that he tried to give them a bottle for the first time since November. How did that go? Disastrous. They choked down 1/2 an ounce, cried for an hour, and finally fell asleep.

As far as the sale results...I got the informal report this week that Emily was the top seller. We knew after Friday night that she had sold all but one of her "big" items and grossed over $400. Saturday it was open to the public and I guess this was the largest turnout they have ever had with over 1,000 people. Once consolidating things, it seemed as though she made out pretty well. How well? Let's just say her check will have a comma in it!