Monday, March 8, 2010

An off day

Just when I thought I would go to bed early last night and catch up on some sleep from having a crazy busy weekend. I put my water bottle in the nursery in preparation for the morning's nursing and could tell Adam had a dirty diaper. I don't think that has ever happened. Do I wake a sound asleep baby or leave him be and see what happens? I let him sleep. Until 3am when he decided he wasn't comfortable any more. We weren't up too long but then I laid in bed listening to him breathe to make sure he was back asleep. Then listening to Shannon snore.

I thought after that Adam would sleep in but raspberries came over the monitor at 6:30. I got up at 6:45 and put a stuffed animal blanket in the crib for them to play with. They chatted for a bit and let me nap for another half hour. Everything was typical until after breakfast. Sara was sitting on the floor while I was dressing Adam. She seemed fussy but I thought it was because she wasn't amused with where she was sitting. Adam was really tired so I laid him in the crib for a nap and dressed Sara. Shannon even came downstairs to see what was going on because she just didn't sound right. She was kind of moaning and seemed like she was in pain. I covered her with a blanket and snuggled with her. She fell right to sleep. Maybe she was just tired.

5 minutes later she woke up crying. I thought Adam was bothering her. I rushed in to find him in his own corner sucking his thumb, almost asleep. I picked Sara up to comfort her a little. She started moaning and then threw up all over herself and me. Four times. That was quite the experience watching my daughter vomit multiple times in my arms. I froze for a moment so shocked by what was happening. Obviously it was a little scary for her. Shannon and I got everything cleaned up and I snuggled with her for an hour while she slept. Another 2 hours of good nap in her crib. She was only up for an hour to eat lunch and then napped 2 more hours. Tonight she seemed back to herself.



OMG Triplets said...

Aww, poor baby! I'm sure she was just as shocked/scared as you were. How is she feeling now? Haven't experienced the vomitting thing yet......not looking forward to that part of being a mom!

Pam said...

It's never fun cleaning up after a vomit spell! I am glad that Shannon was there to help and Adam was napping. Belle didn't vomit until she was 3 years old. Talk about a traumatizing experience for her! LOL She didn't understand what was happening. Hope Sara feels better soon!