Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look alikes

Megan stopped by last Friday night. She's the parent coordinator for the NICU and would check in on us often when the kids were in the hospital. Any questions we had about processes or something was unclear about the doctor's information, she could get answers. She's also in charge of the Family Advisory Board for the NICU that Shannon and I volunteer for. The nurses were switching over to an all electronic charting system and Megan was rounding up comfort food to help them survive their "Go live" day. I made some S'mores bars and included a picture & note from the kids to say thank you and Megan was picking them up for the next day.

Kids, it's been a long time but you remember Megan, right?

Blank stares...a few tears.

Megan replies, "Wow, I have never seen twins where one looks like each parent before!"

We both laughed and Shannon asked her which of us they look like.

"Sara looks like Shannon and Adam looks like JoLynn."

We laughed again and reached for the baby pictures we posted a few weeks ago. Shannon set the picture of me next to Sara and Megan asked who that was. I said that was me.

"I changed my mind!"

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Pam said...

I told Dawn, that when you look at your baby pictures, you are right. They each look like the same parent. But just looking at them, comparing them to the adult parents, I immediately pegged Adam for JoLynn and Sara for Shannon. Isn't it amazing that they have that many features that they are able to look like the opposite adult and the same adult as a baby? Did that make sense? They are precious! Pam