Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Houdini night

We had another one of those crazy Houdini nights with Adam.

The kids went to bed early, both asleep by 6:45. I laid Sara in the crib on the left side and Adam on the right. Typical.

When I went to bed, Adam had turned upside down but was still on the right side of the crib, Sara's left.

At 1:30, Sara woke up sounding a little annoyed. Not really crying but fussy. I laid there to see if she would settle down but no luck. When I went in the nursery, Adam was head up again, but had moved to the left side of the crib on Sara's right side and was tucked up in the corner. That must have been the banging sound of wood I heard from their room when I went to bed. 2 babies taking up about 1/3 of the crib doesn't leave much room for repositioning. Adam was trying to do just that and didn't realize he had his hands on Sara's chest instead of the mattress. I lifted him up and over Sara to give them a little more room and went back to bed.

4:00 and Sara is frustrated again. Adam had made his way back to the corner on Sara's right side and was laying on her arm. How does she sleep through Adam crawling over her but now that she wants that arm, she is bothered?

I think we need to borrow Grandpa George's wildlife camera and mount it in the nursery. He has it outside so when it's dark, if it senses movement, it takes a photo. They've got all kinds of things caught on tape - deer, rabbit, coyote, fox. I just want to catch my son leapfrogging over his sister!

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Jayme said...

We recently ended up getting a second crib... mine aren't crawling yet but kept waking each other up by rolling over to one another. I can only imagine when they're able to pull up and use their sibling as a step stool to jump out