Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Physical therapy for Adam

It has been such an ordeal getting physical therapy set up for Adam. Ellen with Easter Seals' RDFP told us she wanted Adam to receive ongoing physical therapy twice a month until his next RDFP appointment. Over a week went by because my coordinator at Early Intervention was on vacation. Then she was processing paperwork. After talking with her a third time, I expressed my frustration that it had been 4 weeks since his RDFP appointment and we had no idea what direction we were going. I wanted something set up ASAP.

We had 2 options. The first was to go to a satellite Children's Hospital location in Washington but we weren't sure when they had an opening. The second was to go to a small hospital nearby and see a physical therapist that has evaluated Adam 3 times before - Sheri. That was my preference - to stay with someone we were familiar with and create some consistency. Apparently my Early Intervention coordinator had been trying to reach her but was not getting her calls returned.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and call Sheri myself. I left a message explaining my situation to another person in the department. My coordinator called back an hour later to say she had heard from Sheri and she had an opening last Friday or we could go to the Washington location mid-March. Like I wanted to wait another 3 weeks after all that! Just goes to show that sometimes you have to be the mama to make something happen!

She spent about an hour with him. He cried at first so I was nervous it wouldn't go well not being at home. Strange location in a curtained off hospital area and a person he didn't remember asking him to perform little tests on demand. But we pushed past it. She did quite the battery of exams to test his gross motor skills with his legs, stretched them, and watched him crawl, sit, and stand. She also tested his fine motor skills with picking things up with individual hands and with both hands at the same time from all different angles - out to both sides of him, in front, and multiple overhead angles.

Sheri agrees that she still sees tone in his legs. He also has a little stiffness in his arms when raising them over his head. Both are mild. Rather than just feel with her hands that tone is present, she likes to watch him in action and see if it impedes any of his activities. He has good circular motion with his legs while he is crawling so there is no hindrance there. We have added stretches to do with his legs and arms. The next step will be to get him to stand flat footed rather than on his tip toes. We go back in two weeks.

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