Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jordyn visits

Aunt Robyn was down over the weekend and this time she brought Peyton and Morgan's big sister Jordyn. She had missed the past few visits because she is in school now. With Friday off, they made the trip together for a long weekend. We decided Thursday night that it would be "Jordyn decides all weekend". She got to pick what Adam and Sara got to eat, what we were having for meals, and anything else I could think of.

Friday we all went to Adam's first physical therapy appointment (more details later) and in the afternoon Jordyn decided we would stay home while the babies napped so we could play some games. She loved a bath in my big whirlpool bathtub that evening, all stretched out. She could practically swim in it!

Saturday morning we left the kids at home to nap and stopped by Menards and got sidetracked sitting in patio furniture and swings. On the way to Lori's Kitchen Store on the square we went through the car wash because Jordyn said my car was so dirty! It was one of those that you pull in and the brushes move by the car to wash it. Robyn and I were talking about how it makes you feel like the car is moving when it actually isn't. From the back seat we heard Jordyn pipe up - "The car IS moving!" After the kitchen store we went to the secret store. I told Jordyn she could pick 3 things. Of course she wanted to know what store we were going to and would I at least tell her what letter the store started with...C. Maybe it was a cat store. She giggled. Robyn said a car store. You should have seen her eyes light up when we went in the candy store with rows of jars one after another! In the afternoon we dropped her off at The Cookie Shack for a kids baking class. I was excited she got this opportunity because she really loves to help in the kitchen. She had a good time and brought home the yummy fruit of her labor.

Sunday morning we did some things around the house - made some food for the twins, packed away clothes, did laundry. And we also played some more games with Jordyn. It amazes me how big she is getting. It seems like just yesterday that she was a little baby scooting around on my hardwood floor.

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