Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Increased food menu

The kids have reached the point where they are getting better with picking up food and putting it in their mouth. They actually are successful the majority of the time. Or if they are close and have a piece sticking out, they just take their little finger and poke it back in. I have frozen some of their favorites in small pieces so we can heat them and use as finger foods for a meal or snacks. And we are branching out and trying new things. Adam still isn't a big fan of mashed potatoes but Sara gobbles them down. On the other hand, Adam thought broccoli was fun both to eat and mush in his hands but Sara not so much. Eggs are a big hit - yolk only and I cook it like an omelette for them to pick up pieces and eat. They also like the plain yogurt with fruit mixed in. It's good to have some expanded breakfast options. Oh, and they had some pancake while Aunt Robyn was visiting. Sara tried some bits of bagel while Adam was still napping. After lunch over the weekend they tried a few hunks of grilled cheese sandwich and we got a lot of yums with that!

I was telling Shannon this morning that we will finish the pureed food in the freezer and then mash some things and freeze more pieces of food. He just looked at me and said 'it's all moving so fast!' I couldn't agree more.

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