Monday, February 8, 2010

Eating marathon

I think all we did today was eat. Let me rephrase - I think all the kids did was eat.

The morning is fine. But once the afternoon hits, it seems like that is really when they have been getting hungry lately. We finished lunch at 1:00. Fortunately today, I had eaten my own lunch early so I was able to enjoy play time with the kids before we ate our snack at 1:45. Yesterday I didn't give them enough to eat before afternoon nap and had to nurse Adam in order to get him to sleep. Today was a new day. Pieces of nectarine and carrot to practice picking up things and finding their mouth. Sara's not too crazy about chunks of food in her mouth. She just leaves it in her mouth and looks at me like 'what am I supposed to do with this?' Then we moved on to a saltine cracker with no salt on the top. They love those but are easily destroyed. 2 crackers and Sara's hands were still shaking with excited hunger. Some juice and water. Gulp gulp gulp. Half a container of organic banana yogurt I bought for them. 2 yogurt mustaches and it doesn't even seem like they have eaten anything. Teething biscuit. Man those are messy. More water. I felt like I was grabbing anything in site to satisfy them! We finally got cleaned up at 3 - an hour later than they usually nap. 3:30 and they were still awake fussing in the crib. I finally nursed them both and they fell asleep...for 45 minutes.

5:00 and we started dinner.

Holy crap!

Even Sara's fingernails seem to be having a growth spurt.

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