Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The dawn of a whole new era

For the past week, Adam has been pretty much staying put in the living room. But this morning he opened a new can of worms. I got him out of his high chair after breakfast and put him on the blanket in the living room to play while I cleaned up Sara. Next thing I look over and he's crawling toward me into the dining room on the hardwood floor. I put him back on the blanket, turned my back and he was across the room in the dog's toys. I put him back on the blanket, turned my back and he was across the room playing in the CD rack. He's really starting to move and is totally stealth!

I didn't even have time to clean up breakfast while they were awake this morning. Of course he had to spit up yogurt and eggs on the carpet and then play in it and crawl through it. The dog enjoys licking those spots to make sure we cleaned it all up. The real problem is when the cat licks the spots - the roughness of her tongue is starting to fray the carpet! I think she sneaks out when we are in bed and goes to different spots and licks. I wake up the next morning and notice the carpet is starting to look like little land mines of frayed carpet here and there. Guess we'll have to budget for a replacement down the road.

I used to shower in the morning and just put my pajamas back on. Made it easier in case there were any early morning spit ups like Sara this morning all down my pajama pants and on my slippers. Unusual for her. I would pick my clothes while they were playing after breakfast. Now I think I'll have to get dressed so I don't spend too much time in a different room, wondering what Adam is getting into. And we will have to be dusting and swiffing the hardwood every other day to pick up cat and dog hair that likes to cling to sticky hands. Usually after I feed the kids lunch, they play on the blanket and I have some time to make my own lunch. Guess I have to rethink that plan. I am seriously considering a gated play area to keep some sanity to my life. Our main floor is nearly 3000 square feet. We'll start by shutting some doors but if Adam finds the hallway, all bets are off. He is such an explorer right now and I want to be able to at least go to the bathroom with some peace of mind.

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Jenny said...

Oh no! Gone are the days of putting him down in one place knowing that he will still be there when you get back! I'm sure that Sara will be right on his heels. I'll say a prayer for you:)