Monday, February 1, 2010

Classic beginner's error

The kids have been sleeping a little bit differently the past few days. Yesterday they woke at 6am instead of 7, despite going to bed a little later the night before. For those of you that think I'm crazy about them being on a "schedule", you could have set your watch to their wake up time for the past 2 months. Even with naps the past few days they have been sleeping 1 hr instead of their usual 2. So I was processing in my head and thought 'maybe they are hungry.' I mean, if I was growing and was awake for a few hours, I would want a snack, right?

So Adam got up from his nap early this morning and he seemed hungry already. But it wasn't even 11:00. How about a little white grape juice and water? Sippy cups seem to be a play toy for them to learn their banging skills right now. Over the weekend I got out a small cup and tried helping them take some sips out of a regular cup. At least when I hear them swallow I know they are getting some extra fluids. I put Adam on my lap, had a washcloth ready for dribbles, and...he saw the cup, put both hands on it, to his mouth it went and gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, ahhhhh. I just looked at him as he went for more. I think he grew about a month older right in front of my eyes!

Sara doesn't have it down as well. I think she has seen the cat and dog drink water too often. You tip the glass up to her mouth and then notice that her tongue is on top of the lip of the glass instead of underneath it. I pull it back to try again and she just looks up and smiles at me. So licking and small sips is her thing.

On to the beginner's error. This afternoon I was trying to think of what I had in the house that I could use for a snack since I hadn't gone shopping yet. How about a cracker? I put both of them in a bumbo seat on the dining room floor because I didn't want to mess with high chairs, and attached the little trays. I handed each of them half a cracker and they got so excited! Did you figure out my error? No bibs. What was I thinking? About the time Shannon said 'shouldn't you be getting video of the first time they eat a cracker' there were only soggy remnants left. Adam looked at me wondering 'do you have another one of those?' and gave up waiting as he dove into licking the tray. Both of them glanced around to see if there was any on the floor. Sara found a piece stuck to the side of Adam's chair that she could pick off. So it was a win-win...the kids got a snack and Ivy got a snack when she cleaned up the floor.

I thought I cleaned them up fairly well until I just went in to cover Adam with his blanket and notice he has dried crumbs smeared all over the butt of his pants! I guess next time I'll be a little more prepared!

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