Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another 3 inches

We lowered the crib mattress once. Adam still reached to grab hold and get on his knees.

We lowered the crib mattress a second time. Yesterday he grabbed the top rail and pulled himself to standing. Then slipped and got his legs a little caught between the bars. No worries. I think he is going to get himself into little spots like that a lot and he fusses for about 2 seconds, squirms out, and moves on.

So last night Shannon lowered it another 3".

I swear every time we lower it his arms grow longer!

The biggest challenge at this point is when I lay them in their crib at bedtime and they are asleep, I am on my utmost tip toes and struggle to lay them down flat. Oh, to be short. I don't mind most of the time!

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