Monday, January 18, 2010


My aunt Robyn visited last week and brought her twin granddaughters with her, Peyton and Morgan. It's hard to believe they are going to be turning 4. I still remember the phone call from my cousin Emily when it looked like they would be arriving into this world 6 weeks early. The girls had a stay in the Milwaukee NICU and are another example of NICU wonder twins!

The girls had a great time with the kids and thought it was neat the babies kept smiling at them. I wonder if Adam & Sara got confused seeing two people in front of them that look so alike or if they could tell them apart better than me! We only had a few meltdowns and a couple injuries with minimal blood loss.

Tuesday they played in the snow. I should have researched more ahead of time to find places to go sledding but I think they still had fun romping in the yard and wearing out Robyn. Sara and Robyn had a lengthy challenge of who could blow the most raspberries. I think it ended in a tie but Sara did produce more spit! The girls enjoyed my whirlpool bath tub for tub time. Until one wanted the jets running to make more bubbles and the other didn't! And they had so many bubbles to get off we had to rinse them in the shower.

Wednesday I went to work in the morning while Robyn took care of all 4 kids and baked some more baby food. Everything seemed to be going well for the finishing touches of installing the new geothermal system in our house until they fired it up in the afternoon and let's just say fire is a good word for it! Apparently a piece of styrofoam was still in the unit and caught on fire, which filled the first floor with smoke and set off all the smoke detectors. Of course Shannon wasn't home at the time and I was trying to figure out how to air out the house and get them turned off. Sara was awake and didn't even make a peep. Adam slept through it. Soothing memories of alarms in the NICU! The girls helped with the babies' bath time in the evening and asked 'what's that?' when they saw Adam was a little different than the other girl cousins. Thankfully, Robyn handled that response. Seems a little too early for those discussions.

We went to a romper room play time at the local park district on Thursday. While it sounded much more elaborate in the brochure, we made the best of it and had a good time. Then in the afternoon we did some shopping and went to an eye appointment for Adam & Sara. We drew quite the attention, especially when people thought I had 2 sets of twins. Peyton & Morgan kept telling people they were twins and introducing which baby was Adam and which was Sara. It was even funnier when we would tell them Robyn is a twin, too! What cracks me up is that people look at the girls and ask if they are twins. Come on, they could be clones!

Friday we wrapped things up by making some chicken pot pies to freeze. Robyn has been a big help since mid pregnancy in helping me make and freeze food. It makes dinner time options much easier when the evening is crazy with feeding the kids and getting them to bed. There isn't a whole lot of time to devote to making something from scratch.

Hopefully next time big sister Jordyn will be able to visit. She has missed out a couple times now that she is in school. Sorry, Emily, but Peyton is wearing purple...

Peyton Clare with Sara Makenzie. Morgan Elisa with Adam Joseph.

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