Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday's eye appointment

Last Thursday the kids visited Dr. Vahey at Illinois Eye Center for a 6 month follow-up eye appointment. They did much better this time at moving the kids through the system and getting their eyes dilated right away. I was impressed, actually. We were in and out within an hour. Not bad for 2 kids seeing 2 different lab techs and a doctor.

They did a few simple tests to make sure they could follow moving objects with each eye. Their eyes were dilated so the doctor could shine a light into their eyes and look for any problems, diseases, etc. When I go to the eye doctor, he loads glass "slides" into a machine for me to look through and determine which slide I prefer to correct my vision best. Dr. Vahey took those same slides and held them in front of the kids' eyes and shone a light through them. I am amazed she can use this method to measure the strength of correction they would need for their vision right now.

I mentioned that I have noticed Sara has discharge in her eyes sometimes. Just a little "sleepy" in the corner like when I wake up sometimes. Nothing major. Dr. Vahey said with babies that can be an indication of the passage leading from the tear duct to the sinuses is too small. If it's an issue, she would prefer to open the passage wider before Sara is 1. We made an appointment for 2 months from now. If it goes away, we can cancel the appointment but if it is still happening, she would like to see her again and see if there is an issue. We'll keep an eye on it (no pun intended) but I imagine we won't have to return.

As far as Adam, Dr. Vahey diagnosed that he has astigmatism, which means his eyes are not shaped completely round like a basketball but more oval like a football. This is common at times with children and more so with preemies. For children with a small amount of astigmatism, no action is needed. If it is a large amount, glasses will be required. Glasses will not correct the issue but help with vision so he wouldn't experience long-term bluriness. As he grows, the shape of his eye will change and the amount of astigmatism may increase or decrease depending on growth. He has another appointment in 6 months to assess the progression and see if correction will be needed.

I certainly hope he won't need glasses - I can't even imagine! He grabs at everything around as it is now. I doubt we would be able to keep them on him!

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