Monday, January 18, 2010

Proof of teeth

Adam's 2 teeth are really starting to poke out. We try to avoid those newly formed, sharp little razors as much as possible! Thankfully, I haven't felt them while he is nursing because a baby's tongue prevents that while they are eating. Unfortunately, Adam now likes to try to roll over in my lap if he gets bored with the speed of milk flow. I have felt his new teeth wrath a time or two in that situation. Makes a momma just a little nervous sometimes!

It's hard to get him to open his mouth and reveal the evidence of his 2 bottom teeth because he keeps thinking you are going to put something in there that he can chew on. So we snapped this photo just before he took a bite at mealtime!

No signs from Sara yet but she keeps wanting to put our fingers in her mouth to bite down so probably soon.

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