Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our first colds...and then some

This week has been quite the challenge to say the least.

Sunday - Sara woke up with a cough and runny nose.

Monday - I caught the cold.

Tuesday - Adam's turn.

And to throw more on top of that, Sara had woken up at 3am because she didn't drink enough at her last nursing the night before. After going to the bathroom, I turned on the faucet to wash my hands and discovered we didn't have any water! Shannon trudged out to the well in the freezing cold of the night but didn't know what the problem was. After feeding Sara, she fell back asleep at 3:45...for 15 minutes. I ended up holding her in the chair for the next hour before I could sneak in one more hour of sleep before the day started.

The saga continued when Shannon went to ICC to teach a class for the day and I packed up the kids and headed to a friend's house that had water. A few hours later the neighbor that manages our shared well called to say it would be a major repair. The plumber could be there the next day at 7am (Wed) but...we needed to cut our bushes down so he could get his truck over the well to pull it out. Good thing I work for a landscape company now. And I am so thankful for friends that allow us to crash at their house. I know asking if we can spend the night is just a formality. The best part about it was I could wish her a happy birthday the next morning in person. The worst part? Sara not being able to sleep laying down because she was so stuffed up. She slept for all of 1 hour in the pack and play with Adam. I held her in a chair until 10:30 when Shannon came back with our pajamas and from letting the dog have some play time. He then took a turn and held her in a chair until 1, snoozing lightly off and on. She woke up and cried when he tried to lay her down so we propped some pillows in the bed and he held her until 5 when I took over. Adam tossed and turned all night, as well, with not being able to breathe. A really hard night for both of us.

Wednesday Sara decided she still didn't really want to nap. She wasn't cranky. She was just awake and laughing and stuffed up. Apparently when Adam is sick he wants to be left alone and sleep extra. When Sara is sick, she laughs, sleeps less, and wants to be held. By the end of the day I was pretty wiped out but glad to be back home at dinner time to sleep in our own beds. Shannon ran to WalMart for the 2nd time that day and bought a warm mist vaporizer to raise the humidity level in their room. I think it really helped as we all slept through the night in our own beds.

Thursday brought 6" of snow. My prayers were answered when ICC closed and Shannon didn't have to teach another class. I woke up feeling the worst I had and wasn't sure how I would make it on my own to take care of the kids.

Friday Shannon started having symptoms but he was still able to carry some of the load so I could rest. And he helped me take the kids to the pediatrician.

Saturday, finally I am feeling better. I am hoping the kids will turn the corner soon. We haven't really found anything that helps at this point. We are giving them Tylenol. Their nose has been running since Sunday for Sara and Tuesday for Adam. The saline spray doesn't really help and good luck getting them to hold still. We try to suction it out when it's really bad. Again, good luck getting them to hold still. So it just runs and every now and then you see a big snot bubble! Adam absolutely hates having his nose wiped. Sara has mastered grabbing the kleenex before it reaches her nose no matter how much of it you have hidden in the palm of your hand. Her biggest challenge is nursing with a stuffy nose. She takes a couple gulps and then has to stop and suck her thumb because she can't breathe. And their cough is just painful to listen to. I so wanted to make it through the winter without getting sick. But these are the circumstances we have to deal with.

When I would get sick and it was just me to take care of, I really never thought about it. Now that I have been through being sick and having to take care of sick kids at the same time, I realize how easy I had it. And the even bigger challenge is getting your body to still provide enough milk to feed them when it really just wants to shut down and take a nap!

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