Monday, January 4, 2010

Grandparent Christmas

With the kids still being small this year, we came up with an alternate plan for family Christmas and found a time that both my mom and Shannon's parents could visit to celebrate with the kids. On Tuesday the 29th Shannon's parents arrived to have a day with the kids. They got to feed them lunch and dinner - even Grandpa George dove in and gave it a try! I think they all enjoyed playing together and Sara had some moments of cracking up laughing. Shannon and I opened presents in the evening after the kids went to bed. And the next morning the kids were all smiles to find that they were still there to feed them breakfast!

My mom arrived Wednesday morning to add to the attention the kids were getting. The extra hands allowed me to concentrate on preparing lunch. I decided to make a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and apple crisp. I have never in my life cooked a turkey, even if it wasn't a full bird. There were a few times that I asked myself 'what were you thinking?' I did some research on the internet about baking times and marinades and actually made up my own marinade to baste the turkey with. The meal turned out fabulous! The turkey tasted very yummy and was moist. I am still so proud of myself for juggling feeding the kids and preparing a big meal that turned out well.

We snapped a few photos and laid the kids down for a nap while we opened presents for them. They got some great clothes and toys--they should be all set for at least a few months until another growth spurt!

Shannon's parents left in the evening and my mom stayed a few days to enjoy her snuggle time and help out around the house. We opened presents with my mom later that night.

All in all, I think our Grandparent Christmas turned out great. The kids enjoyed all the attention and I'm sure the grandparents did, too!

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