Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at Uncle Bob's

Originally we were going to stay home for Christmas but when I learned that my Uncle Mark would be in town for the holidays, we started to reconsider. We hadn't seen him for a few years and, living in California, he doesn't make it back very often. He had never met the twins other than through pictures and following the blog. It also helped that rather than the usual 30+ people attending, it would be half that. So the day before Christmas we called around and asked if everyone was feeling healthy. Receiving confirmation, we hopped in the car after breakfast for the 3 hour drive.

Things went well at first - even Sara gave a few smiles to my cousin Beth. Her family hadn't seen the kids since our 4th of July party up there. And she enjoyed hanging out with Amber, my cousin Jason's wife. She has a quiet personality so Sara warmed right up to her! My mom got to feed them. Cousin Sheryl thought they looked great. And the kids are always excited to see my Aunt Robyn, cousin Emily and her three kids. It's so funny that they know to use hand sanitizer before they touch the babies...or as they call it "hanitizer" and apparently around the holidays it changes to "santatizer."

Bob's tree was amazing - 13' tall with white and silver decorations. Sara thought it was a little prickly to touch, though. The food was great. Uncle Mark's homemade lemon meringue pie was well worth the trip. We snapped a few photos of the three sets of twins together...Uncle Bob/Aunt Robyn, Robyn's granddaughters Peyton and Morgan, and my two. The kids got a few fun toys and some clothes to grow into. Even snow pants and a jacket for next winter. They look out the window, excited about all the white and wish they could bundle up for a sled ride now! Soon, year will be here before we know it.

Our biggest struggle of the day was getting Sara to sleep. I think she got overtired and there were too many people at that point. She was crying so hard she was shaking and just didn't want to give up to nap. Shannon finally got her down with some snuggle time.

We headed back home after putting on pajamas at 7. As we were driving in the dark and I was tired, I questioned returning home the same day and not just spending the night. The roads were bad from time to time and we had to slow down. But the next day when we got 7" of snow and the roads were ice covered and drifting, I was thankful we were already home.

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